My darling child

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Tyson's p.o.v

As of now I was sitting in my room staring at the articles of clothing that littered my bedroom floor. The babies clothes I sighed knowing it would take me forever to clean up my sisters mess. She only did this just to hurt me and the fact that she can't get pregnant. Ever since she was fifteen she had always tried to get pregnant with any alphas child but that was a fail. Papa and Dad didn't have the money for an fertility treatment and she went ballistic and caused papa to miss carry all over again. After papa got pregnant with another girl she was upset and thought papa was gonna forget about her and he didn't really forget her like she though he would.
************ Flashback July 10*****

As of now my siblings and I were all gathered up into the living room we were watching Cailou. My big sister was in the kitchen with papa helping get lunch together for everyone in the pack but lately she been actin weird ever since papa announced he was gonna have a baby. I was excited but some people were worried about me and how well I would get along with the new baby.
Everyone was sitting watching t.v when there was a loud crash and a thud. We all ran to the kitchen to see what had happened we stopped at the door and noticed papa was laying on the floor laying in a pool of blood while my sister stood there with a knife in her hand and she quickly dropped it and it clattered to the floor. Four days after that we were all told papa had a miscarriage and he would've had a baby girl. No one knew what happened and no one bothered to ask but I knew I always knew.

*********** End of flash back******
I sat and stared at the mess with a heavy sigh I got up from the bed and waddled out of my room down the hall. I headed down stairs and waddled down the steps holding my stomach. I walked into the kitchen and noticed my sister was leaning up against the kitchen counter with her new boy toy right beside her.

"Come in papa it's true" she said with a small amount of sadness in her voice as she touched her stomach

" Sorry to interrupt," I said with a sigh," papa do you know who was up in my room earlier" I asked him and he thought for a few seconds

" What happened to the baby clothes" he asked and I sighed and looked at him

" All of my babies clothes are destroyed" I said with a strong sigh and sat down on a bar stool

"He probably did it himself"said my sister with a snicker in her voice

" It wasn't your brother he was out at his appointment with Skyler" papa explained

" Why would you be around and alpha" asked my sister with a slight chuckle

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