Chapter four

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Ruth POV Hi Ellen Julie said to my mom. She introduced her family to me dad and mom. Sweetie was the youngest jason was next Ashley then chloe then Jake and finaly Rose. Cant wait for the food and I bought some wine Julie said. Ok mom said sit outside and I'll bring some drinks. White  wine please Julie said

Sweetie age 3
jason age 5
Ashley age 10
Tiffany 12
chloe 15
Jake 15
Rose  20
Me Ruth 15

Conversation between Julie Johnathan mom and dad 

So Johnathan and me decided to move to Ireland. We got jobs and all that and I would like to enroll everyone into school Rose said she is going back to America to finish off  her last year of college Julie said

Kids and teens conversation 

So anyone want a drink I said no Ashley said rudely Stop it little sis Jake said ok Ashley said. Chloe and me were chatting and she said  having a lot of Brothers and sisters is stressful. Hey sexy said Jake shut the fvck up I said. Jeez alright he said. Wose Sweetie whispered. Isn't she a cutie i said yea chloe said. Dinner's ready coke for the older ones sweetie jason drink juice.

           Skip dinner

7 pm sweetie open your  bag Tiffany help her Jake help Jason unpack chloe and i went to my room She said she loved it she had a small room in the huge apartment back home also she is only six months younger Than me. Did you know Tiffany is my half sister.    

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