Just Try

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Tyler woke in the very familiar nurse's office. He sat up, only to see Jake sitting at the edge of the bed. Tyler flushed immediately.

"What-what are you doing here?" Tyler asked Jake. Jake raised his head, and yawned.

"You were asleep. It kinda felt like you were dead, Cuz you didn't wale up for two hours." Jake chuckled, tired. "I stayed because I was worried." Tyler laughed, dryly.

"Worried? You? About a freak like me? I doubt it." Tyler said, starting to get up. Tyler tripped, and almost fell. Jake jumped up and caught Tyler by his wrist and waist. Tyler blushed, furiously. Tyler tried to detangle himself from Jake. But, Jake refused to let Tyler slip away again. Nick had intervened so many times. Now, Jake finnaly had him alone. Jake helped Tyler to stand.

"Just try, Tyler. Please." Jake looked at Tyler with pleading eyes.

"Try what?" Tyler asked. Jake looked up at Tyler.

"Try being my friend. I could see you don't have many." Jake said, sadly. Tyler was hesitant. But, he nodded. Jake hugged Tyler. Tyler froze. Jake laughed.

"Too soon?" Jake asked. Tyler nodded, slowly and awkwardly. "We'll go slow, then." Tyler smiled, sheepishly.

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