Chapter 2

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Jessica Pov
Today Mrs Keshia took me to the doctor to see if i was you know caring a child. He said yes so me being me I burst out in tears. Who going to take care of him/her. Im just praying it dont look like it really dad. Speaking of him he im jail for life.
When we got home i called my mom she said thanks to Mrs Keshia and told me congrats. We also told ray. He was furious. He went in his room and slammed the door shut. O well not my problem tho.
Im walking out to taco bell and im getting the nacho Bellgrande. When I got back I shared with tay tay and kay kay. Ray fell asleep so left sum in the fridge for him.
We all home schooled by the way.

7 Months later

Hey im seven months and two days prgnant. Momma Keshia out of town. Today i find out what my baby is.

Ray takeing me. When we got there they did the little gel thing and guess what im having. A GIRL. Anyway me and ray are super close he is like my big brother. He introduced me to his friends. I have little crush on roc but he got a girl and child so yea. So see you when i giving birth.

2 Months later

Hey i just had my baby. I named her Ava Smith after her daddy. Not her really daddy but Ray. She looks just like me. Speaking of me i look like the pic on the side. Ray wanted to be her
daddy after he saw how Beautiful she was. And her birthday is the day after his. No me and him dont go out im still single. I have a job. See ya doctor coming in with my baby.

Doctor- you can leave know miss Michaels
Me- ok bye.

We got home and i put Ava in her room. Its light blue with zebra print everywhere. She was asleep when we got home so me and ray went in the living room to talk about raising Ava.

Ray- So i wanted to say tbanks for letting me be her daddy.

Me- no problem.

Ray- i just wanted to tell you that she is very beautiful just like you.

Me- thanks

Ray- you look sleepy. Do you want to take a nap.

Me- please. *Lays head on ray*

ray- *kisses forehead* i love you sis

Me- *sleep*

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