Enjolras's Predicament pt. 1

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This was the night, the night every girl dreams about for 13 years. Prom. The anticipation had had me shaking ever since Grantaire had asked me 3 months ago. I looked myself up and down in the mirror as I picked up the single red rose he had given me as invitation, now dried out. Although the moisture had gone from it, the thoughts of love had not.

My messy, curly blond hair fell into my face. I don't bother moving it, as Grantaire likes my easy hair. The tux fits perfectly, the cufflinks Cosette had bought me one year year ago as a gift glinting in the light from my table lamp. I checked the time and realized Grantaire was due to pick me up any minute now, and I didn't want to keep him waiting downstairs with my parents. God only knows what would have happened.

As I walked down the stairs my excitement built and I could barely breathe. Just as I reached the foot of the stairs and entered the foyer, the doorbell rang.

I rushed to the door, but before answering it, I composed myself, straightened my tie, adjusted my cufflinks and grasped the handle. As the door swing open, he was slowly revealed to me, his beautiful curly hair being blown by a light wind. I couldn't help but smile widely as I took in his baby blue tux and deep red tie. God, I wanted to rip them of him, he looked downright edible. But, I reminded myself, there'd be plenty of time for that later.

we stayed at each other, our mouths agape for awhile, simply enjoying one another's handsome features. Grantaire finally closed his mouth and said, "Well. Aren't you going to invite me in?" With a snug Smith on his face he swaggered into the living room. My parents were standing there, a disapproving look on my father's face and extreme joy in my mother's. She gestures to us to stand together for the clicheéd "pictures by the fireplace" that all mothers love. Grantaire wrapped his strong arms around me, and I could feel his scruff (Damn that's sexy) slightly scratching my cheek as I turned my head towards him. "Click" went the camera, and he held me for a few moments longer before letting go, bowing graciously to my parents, offering me an elegant white flower and pinning it to my lapel. I pointed on his, a brown one thatwent gorgeously with his tux. We salute my parents goodbye and walked out the door, hand-in-hand.

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