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Mike's POV~
"Eh. ..Foxy? "

I say looking up to the Fox shaking a little still. Foxy looks back at me damn..that pirate Fox for putting a dent in my heart with his amazing and glimmering yellows eyes that scare some people but they. ..they eat at me to just steal that Fox and take him home RIGHT NOW!

Foxy tells me softly " yer right Mikey , sure it's been so long but I do remember you so well. .Heh you look exactly the same. .yer still me first mate ,right?"

I look down " you..don't think I would remember do you? ..I do and I guess you're still pretty awesome but can you" I squirm closer to the Fox not really on purpose but I do" ...just leave?"

Foxy looks a bit sad and then grins

" yar! I don't think ye want me to leave lad_3_ "

he teases playfully and nudges me.

"Ah! Shut up! "

I say blushing a little and push away trying to escape the metallic cold hook and hand of the Fox, I push my hands on his chest trying to get him to let me go. Nothing happens I'm not strong enough or have anything that will stop him now. I look over to one door seeing Freddy I squeal and hide closer to the Fox and put arms around him hiding my face in his chest, he looks confused at first till he gets a paw to the face and he knows it's the damn Fat Bear.

"Yar damn landblubber!  Don't touch yer capt'n!" Foxy says as he looks to the bear.

Freddy smiles and says back happily"  shouldn't you, you piece of rotten scrap metal be in the Cove, my friend didn't you hed my warning?  ...tsk "

Foxy looks away "...Freddy...I'm begging ye to stop acting like. it's my fault we died!  I didn't do anything! You act like everything any of ye do is my fault. DON'T I GET A BREAK!" Foxy screams back as I watch seeing actual.YES ACTUAL REAL tears well up in his eyes.

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