Chapter 8: Going Home

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((Miyuki Shiro POV))

  They said I could go home in a few days which made me sigh of relief but a few days wasn't fast enough. That tall man came again.

  It was the middle of the night and mom was asleep next to my bed when he appeared. I held back the scream that started to come out with his sudden appearance and looked at him.

What am I so scared of? Its just a man.

  I looked around searching for the opening from which he came in and found that everything was closed. When I looked back towards him...

...he was gone.

A few days later they left me go home. I wasn't happy about going back but it sure did beat having to eat gross hospital food for another week.

On our way home I made sure to make it clear that I didn't want to live here and that I wanted my old life back, but like always mom didn't listen. As soon as the car stopped I was out the door and on my way inside when I saw that stupid guy.

"Go away." I said to mom's new potential boyfriend.

Don't kill me for how short it is or how long its been since the last chapter!! My creativity was awful and this was the best I could do sitting in class in a few minutes.
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