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When the door closed Magnus turned and went to sit on the couch. Alec did the same and let out a breath he didn't know that he was holding.

"That was..." Magnus trailed off, not knowing the exact words to use to describe what had just happened. It wasn't particularly bad, but that didn't mean that it was good either.

"Progress, that was progress." Alec said, a smile on his face.

"Now that I think about it, they never gave us a date or a time. Should we call or something?" Alec asked. Magnus shrugged.

"I'm sure they'll send a fire message or something." Magnus mumbled.


Magnus awoke to the sound of banging at his front door. He looked towards his bed side table to see that his clock read 9:30 am.

"Ugh." he grumbled. Magnus grabbed his pillow and slammed his face into it, waking Alec up in the process.

"What's going on Mags?" Alec asked sleepily.

"Door." is the only reply Alec got. Seeing how tired his boyfriend was, Alec got up, put on a black shirt and shuffled his way towards the front door. Upon opening the door Alec saw his younger sister Isabelle. Part of him wanted to slam the door in her face and go cuddle with Magnus, but he decided to be a good big brother and let her in.

"We need to leave. Now." she demanded.

"That's very vague." Magnus said, walking out of the bedroom in glittery, purple boxers.

"Well I'm sorry. How about this, we need to leave now because there are over a dozen demons terrorizing innocent people in Central Park." Isabelle said, her hands on her hips.

"Give me five minutes." Alec said, before rushing back into the bedroom. Magnus walked towards the couch, throwing himself on it and covering himself with a bright yellow blanket. It was silent until Alec came back out of the room, dressed in his black gear with his bow around his chest and arrows on his back. He walked over to where Magnus was lying and kissed him on the forehead.

"I'll be back as soon as possible." Magnus replied with a wave of his hand, already falling back to sleep.

"Oh, I almost forgot, dinner is at 7:00." Isabelle said, before her and Alec both disappeared behind the door.

Now, Magnus was worried. It was now 5:30, meaning Alec had been gone for over eight hours, and Magnus hadn't even gotten a single call. Even though he had slept for more than half of those hours, it still worried him. He was now in his living room, doing a routine of pacing for five minutes and then sitting on his couch, until he couldn't handle being still and would start pacing again. He kept telling himself that Alec was okay, that Alec had been gone this long before, sometimes even longer.

He just couldn't calm himself down. Magnus had decided that he would go to the Institute and find out what was going on. So when he went to pull on his black trench coat and walk out the door he didn't expect to run right into the person that he had been worried about for several hours. But sure enough, he ran right into Alec as he was walking out the door.

"Alexander!" Magnus screamed, and wrapped his arms around him. He squeezed him so hard Alec thought Magnus was trying to kill him.

"Mags...I...can't...breathe..." Alec said, every breath a struggle. Magnus, realizing he was killing the man that he loved, let Alec go.

"Alexander, you scared me! Are you okay darling? Do I need to heal you?" Magnus asked, as he started searching Alec's body for cuts and bruises.

"I'm fine Magnus. And I know I was gone for a while, and I have an explanation." Magnus grabbed Alec's hand and led them both to the couch.

"Okay then, explain it to me." Alec sighed and went into the long explanation that explained why he had taken so long to come back.

"And that is why I was out for so long and couldn't contact you." Alec stated. Magnus brought him in for a hug. Alec was shocked at first, but soon wrapped his arms around the man that he loved. They stayed like that for a minute or two, Magnus reassuring himself that the man he loved was okay, and Alec just enjoying being back in Magnus' arms. Magnus was the one to pull away.

"Now that that's settled, we have a dinner to prepare for. And when I say we, I mean making myself look magnificent and making sure you don't wear faded, ripped jeans." Magnus stated with a smile.

Alec crossed his arms and huffed like a child, before he gave in to Magnus' words and went to the bedroom.

An hour later Magnus and Alec were both dressed, Magnus in black, glittery, skin tight jeans with a red shirt and jacket, while Alec had on simple black pants, without holes, and a nice button down black shirt.

For the sake of Alec, Magnus decided to tone down his outfit, and he had decided that wearing black was the best way to do that. But of course, he still had his gelled spikes and black eye liner.  You can't exactly have a Magnus Bane outfit without any eye liner.

After one last look in the mirror, Magnus of course, they took a portal to the Institute. When they got to the steps,  Alec pulled Magnus into a kiss.

"I love you Magnus, now and forever. Nothing that happens tonight will change that." Magnus beamed and pulled Alec in for another kiss.

"I love you too my darling Alexander." And with that, they walked up to the doors and went inside.

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