Chapter 3 : old friends

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I said " hi I'm Chloe " I looked around the room and my eyes landed on one person and we both said at the same time " bloody hell"

Recap over


I looked at the girl and she said " oh I never seen you since last year"

I said " ya me too I missed you to rose "

rose said " I missed you so much "

then the teacher said " girls I do not like your inappropriate language "

I said " I just said hi to a friend I hadn't seen in a while what wrong with that"

he said " No talking back to me both of you off to detention for this period now."

I rolled my eyes and he said " should I make that two for the both of you "

I said " no sir "

I then left with rose behind me. rose said " well I heard what happened on the news, but to be honest I don't think anybody else has seen the news in this school"

I said " yeah well off to detention "

we walked around the corner and I bumped into somebody. I said " wow rose I thought we will be the only ones in detention "

I looked up to see jay and his buddies. rose looked kinda shocked. I said " hey idiots 1,2 and 3 what's up "

jay said " wow do you know how your talking to "

I said " i only know that your idiot number one "

he was about to say something when I heard my phone ring. I put my finger up to silence him then saw it was taylor so I answered it.

T- hey girl
C -hey what are you doing calling me now I have class
T- oh I pretty much guessed you got detention already
C- ya that's true
T- ok so how's the school
C- okay except those guys we ran into the coffee place they go here
T- oh well that's ugh
C- I know, can I call you back
T- sure bye
C- bye

I then hang up and looked at the boys and said "what are you still doing here and plus you didn't apologize for bumping into me. "

Idiot two said " well I'm Chris and you bumped into us "

I said sarcastically " ya right "

idiot three said " well I'm Xavier and do you know who we are "

I said " I don't bloody care, now why don't you good guys go to class "

they laughed and I looked and saw rose frozen. so I waved my hand in front of her face still nothing. I then snapped my fingers still nothing. I then pick my foot up and reached for my throwing knife but I didn't pull it out. she immediately said " no need for that "

jay said " need for what "

I said " oh nothing , bye boys"

I took roses arm and left. when we turned a corner rose said " do you know that you just talked to the three most rich guys in this school "

I said " no but I won't get in trouble right "

she said " I don't know, they might get you kicked out "

I said " they can't do that, can they "

she said " they can, last year a girl bumped into them and didn't even say sorry and she got expelled the next day "

I said " okay whatever, let's just go to our room and chat, they probably won't miss us in detention "

she nodded and we went to our room. when we got there she said "okay so I need to ask you did you get your first kiss yet "

I said " well I dated hunter for a while but then I caught him cheating on me "

she said "oh wow that sucks

I smiled and said " im fine,I'm going to go look around "

she nodded and I left. I walked out of the door then turned around and found my self outside. I was about to go back in when I heard Xavier voice saying " hey Chloe "

I turned and saw jay, Chris and Xavier. I said " go away jerk face not in the mood "

jay said " oh your going to get expelled and when you do I will be smiling "

I said " ya try all you want you can't get rid of me "

he then said " come on guys let's go "

they then left and my phone rang. I quickly picked it up

D- hey honey it's you father
C- oh hey dad
D- how's school
C- it's sucks
D- language and remember if you get expelled your off to discipline school
C- I know if I get expelled I'm off to discipline school
D- good now go off to class
C- okay dad
D- bye
C- bye

I touched my necklace thinking of my mom. I then hanged up and went around the corner to see jay smirking. I said " how much did you hear"

he said " all of it enjoy discipline school "

he then left laughing . can't he just keep to himself. I hate private school !

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