You could hear a pin drop. Silence is settled over the sitting room at Snow's house. The people who survived the rebellion that is going down with fire, but is still not over, are staying in the ruins of the Capitol. Most of the buildings haven't been too harmed so they are able to live in them. They have to stop by here for food, but otherwise, their places are livable.

"Where could they be?" I ask myself barely audible to anyone else.

"Could you have gotten a hint of some sort? A clue, maybe?" asks Johanna. I grab a cup and pour myself some orange juice.

 I try to think back to the phone call and everything before it.

Maybe Maria really did give me a clue. Maybe just in case things went wrong like how they are, she did. How would she know where they would keep them, though? These questions flood through my find and confuse me majorly.

 She did work with them before...maybe it's where they are keeping they stylists hostage. I need to relax. I set the orange juice down and lay back. My head rests on the sofa's armrest as I use it as a pillow and I think of Maria's delicate smooth voice, singing me to sleep with her song.

If I was gone, then you would see I try, the less you know about me, I may seem strong, but that's the surface you see. I'm hiding inside, I'm stuck underneath.

My eyes open wide and I shoot up.

"What is it, sweetheart?" Haymitch asks and almost falls on his way to me. Eventually, he does get to me and pulls himself up on the chair near the sofa. I ignore their stares and put the song together.

If I was gone, she is gone.

I'm hiding inside, I'm stuck underneath. She is hiding inside where? Stuck underneath what? I don't know what that means.  

…the less you know about me, I may seem strong, but that's the surface you seemust be referring to as she is weak, and is scared. How will she defend herself like how Effie said?

I explain it to them. They seem to understand and try to pull the puzzle together, despite the headache they must be getting, right now.

"Maybe she is stuck underneath this mansion!" Effie points down to her feet, eyes wide, jaw down jokingly.

Since when is Effie like this?

"Now that's not funny!" Johanna says.

 “Effie, how could she be under here? Under our feet?!"

"No, maybe freak job has a point!" Haymitch claims, pointing at Effie. "Maybe, just maybe, they are hiding inside this house?!"

They are getting somewhere, I think to myself. The corner of my mouth curls up and I get up and go to my room.

"Okay we'll sleep down here!" Effie yells, failing at going up the steps. I lay in my bed, knowing for sure what the plans are the next morning. I close my eyes and try to imagine the plan in my head, and trying to dream of it going well, I hope it will.

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