Chapter 6

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After Nash stormed upstairs we all had dinner together. I didn't see Nash the rest of the night. Matt and Aaron stayed and watched movies with me, Nila and Chad. Aaron called his girlfriend and she came too. She was really nice And we got along great.

After 3 movies Aaron and Andrea went home. Nila and Chad went upstairs and my dad said Matt could stay the night. I guess he trusts me.

I put on shorts and a tank top and Matt put on a pair of Nashs sweatpants that were on the dryer and took his shirt off. We layed down and talked about everything and anything.

"You know your beautiful" Matt said kissing my cheek. I blushed and kissed his lips. We started to kiss more and we wanted entrance and I let him. He lifted off my shirt and I tugged at his sweatpants. He took them off and I took off my shorts. Next thing you know we were completely naked. "Are you sure?" Matt said biting his lip. I nodded and kissed him again. I think you know what happened next

Next morning Skylynn ran downstairs and jumped on Matt to wake him up. Good thing he got dressed last night. He rubbed his eyes and smiled at her. He picked her up and spun her around. They were both laughing and it was the cutest thing I've ever seen. We raced up the stairs to go get breakfast.

"Good morning Sleepy heads" Nila laughed when she saw Matt's hair. He tried to fix it with his hair and me and Nila laughed.

"MATTY! COME WATCH HORSES WITH ME" Skylynn yelled from the living room.

"The princess called bye beautiful" he said and kissed me on the cheek.

"Well aren't you two a cute couple" Nila said once he was gone and I blushed.

After 10 minutes breakfast was done. Me and Nash both got suspended for what happened in school until next week so I didn't have to worry about school. Matt also got suspended for punching Nash. So were all gonna a stay here.

Hayes and Skylynn went with Nila to my grandmas for a week so me and Nash and Matt can 'work out of differences' and my dad will meet them there after work.

"MATT" I yelled from the kitchen. "COME GET DINNER"

Matt came in and 10 minutes later so did Nash.

"Where's Dinner?" Nash said blankly.

"Fridge" I said back.

"You didn't poison it did you?" He asked looking at the Alfredo.

"Nash. Your still my brother" I said getting mad.

"Kiarra. Your still a slut" he said back.

"Nash. Why? And how? Because I'm dating Matt?" I turned around.

"Yeah. You just met four days ago"

"Your point? Nash I've known Matt for about 6 months just never met him. "

"What? Why didn't I know that?!"

"You never asked" I simply said and went to the living room.

"Would you have told me if I asked?" He asked walking out.


"Kiarra I'm so sorry" he said and hugged me.

"Its okay. I understand." I said and hugged back.

"We okay man?" Nash asked Matt.

"As long as you don't hurt my girlfriend ever again" Matt said and they did a bro hug.

"Let's invite Taylor and Cam over and we can swim" Nash suggested.

"I'll call them. Their pissed at you" I pulled out my phone and called them. They will be here in 10 minutes.

I went downstairs and put on my black and line green bikini. Matt walked down in some galaxy swim shorts.

"Last night was amazing" he said and wrapped his arms around my waist.

"Yes it was." I turned around and kissed him.

"Shit" he said looking at the ground.


"Kiarra I didn't have a condom on." He said scartching the back of his neck.

"Babe its fine" I said and walked upstairs. Taylor and Cameron were here and they brought Aaron. We all explained that Nash apologized and we went to go swimming.

We have been swimming for about 3 hours and Andrea, Kylie (Cameron's Girlfriend), and Jess (Taylors Girlfriend) came over. We all got along really well and we planned to go to the mall next week.

"Taylor!! Put me down!" Jess screamed. We all laughed. We were all tanning. All of the sudden all the boys got out and threw us in.

"That wasnt funny!" Kylie screamed. And we all agreed.

"It was to us" Nash said laughing with all the other boys.

"Guys. I don't feel too good. I'll be right back" I said getting out and running into the house and to the bathroom. I started puking. A lot. After about 5 minutes Andrea, Kylie, and Jess came in to check on me.

"Are you okay?" Jess asked bending down to put my hair up.

"Yeah probably something I ate." I said and went back down to go swimming.

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