Chapter 4~ The Search for Amy

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OH MY SWEET MOBIUS I FINALLY UPDATED!!! I figured out that I can send the story to myself from my notes on my phone so I don't have to take 3 days to retype everything. Well, here's the chapter you've all waited 6 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


~~•Time skip brought to you by Eclipse's Piko-scythe•~~

After about a month of looking around Station Square for Amy, the group always headed to Banish's house to rest. It had gotten cold and started storming one day and the gang didn't want to get sick.

When everyone got to Banish's house, everyone headed to sit around the fireplace, where Eclipse threw a small lavender fireball into it to start a nice warm fire.

Soon after that, Eclipse and Banish passed out in each others arms on the huge sofa, Shadow and Maria fell asleep together in the love seat, Alexa and Savy, her girlfriend who's a red and white hedgehog, fell asleep in front of the fire, and Ally Acorn, the nicest Acorn sibling, were all sleeping in front of the fireplace, Silver passed out up stairs in the guest room, and Sonic was still awake, standing by the window, staring out of it, not sleeping till he found the love of his life.


There was a frantic knock at the door and Sonic thought it was Amy and rushed to get the door open. But when he opened the door, a soaked purple cat burst through, slammed the door behind her, and locked it. There was a huge flash of lightning and an extremely loud crash of thunder. The lightning lit the face of the soaked purple cat with golden yellow eyes. It was Blaze! And she was crying, bruised, a little bloody, and completely terrified.

"W-where's Silver?"

"I'll go get him!"

Sonic raced up the stairs into the guest room where Silver was sleeping.

"SILVER! Wake up!! Chad hurt Blaze!!!"

Silvers eyes shot open. He bolted out of the bed and ran out of the room.

When Sonic got downstairs, Silver was hugging the harmed and crying Blaze. Silver had this look like he was gonna kill anybody who touched Blaze.

"What happened?"

"Y-you were right Silver. Chad did use me. H-He tried to rape me... A-and when I tried to get away, he cut my arms and face with a knife, punched me, and called me a bitch. Silver, I'm so sorry. P-Please forgive me." Blaze cried.

"Of course I forgive you Blaze."

All of a sudden, there were loud bangs at the door like somebody was trying to bust their way through. Blaze lost it.

"H-he followed me!!!"

"Sonic! Go wake up the others! Knowing Chad, he's got his sisters with him. Hide Ally. They can't know she's here either. They'd freak."

Ally heard this and ran downstairs to avoid her evil older siblings

There was a chain with the Acorn siblings. Sally wanted to date Sonic and get rid of Amy, Cassie wanted to date Banish and get rid of Eclipse, and Chad wanted every girl in the Sonic Hero group and get rid of the boys. But Ally was the only one who had a boyfriend of her own.

The three busted through the door and stood there. Eclipse stood in terror behind the safety of Banish as she was face to face with her mortal enemy, Cassie Acorn. Eclipse hated Cassie. She had hurt her before she started dating Banish. The girls stood behind their boyfriends in terror.

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