I slipped into my pants, shirt and shoes and ran downstairs.
I saw the table fully decorated with flowers and all.
"I'm sorry. I screamed and it's your birthday. I feel so sorry." The cleaning lady said.
"Don't mind it, Isa." I said.
She smiled and gave me a hug.
I sat down at the table end and looked at all the fruits and fresh bread that was on the table.
I was excited and thanked Isabelle for the gift. She was a poor lady I found on the street. She lived with me now.
I should pay her more, I thought to myself.
"Isabelle, how about you eat with me today."
"I would love to" she smiled.
We ate in silence. When we finished I helped her clean up the kitchen and living room.
"all done. Thanks for the help, sweety"
"It was my pleasure to help you." "Here, I took out my wallet." I gave her 60€.
"But honey, I can't take this. It's too much"
"Just shut up and take it." I smiled. "You need it more than I do"
I saw tear her up and I pulled her to my body. "Don't cry, Belle, you know I can't stand that." I noticed with a little giggle.
She laughed too and took the money.
"Now go and take a long bath, you deserved it"
She nodded and ran upstairs.
Now I'm getting really nervous. I couldn't stop thinking about my mail.
I take the pack of letters and start to read them. Like a russian roulette I waited til I passed the letter.
Commercial, party, birthdayparty, birthdaycard, another birthdaycard, commercial, trash, script, script, script, Hoghwarts letter, invita-
Wait what?
Hoghwarts letter. I read the envelop again and again.
With a weird feeling I started to open my letter.

~ Hoghwarts school ~
Dear Ally,
Or should I call you Rose now?
I know you don't want to hear anything from me and it isn't an official letter but please return to Hoghwarts. I miss our time togheter. Even if you were a first year. You're still my favourite student.
You know what you need to come back, but to be sure I left the list with things you need in this envelop. I see a good teacher in you. Believe me, I feel your talent. Dumbledore told me if I can teach you EVERYTHING the other students learned in the passed 6 years, you can pass.
Please come back.
~ Severus
After I read it, I was really shocked. I started to cry. Cry like a little kid, but I couldn't stop it.

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