Chapter 12

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"Can you play something for me?" Soph asked pointing to the guitar in the corner.

We were sitting in my room right now, just casually cuddling and watching a video on YouTube that had Sophie dying from laughter. I wasn't really watching because I was too focused on her. I had decided against brining her to my parents today because I didn't want her to get too nervous or to freak out.

I got up from my position and I saw Soph shudder at the lack of heat; I grinned. I grabbed my guitar and sat back down next to her. She immediately moved so she was closer and she sighed in content.

"What should I play?" I asked.

"Wrapped Around Your Finger. It's my favorite," she said blushing slightly.

"Why is it your favorite?" I asked.

"You sing a lot in it and I like it," she said nuzzling her face into my chest. I was happy.

I started playing the song softly and she hummed along. If I could do this everyday I'd never be upset.

"In the moonlight you looked just like an angel in disguise; my whole life seemed like a postcard," I sang and Sophie looked up at me smiling.

I continued playing until I finished the song and she had fallen asleep on me. It was only 5 p.m. I swear this girl slept more than a bear.

I grabbed the game controller from my bedside table and turned on the TV. Why not play a bit of Destiny while Sophie was asleep? It had been awhile.




I started skating around in circles as Michael clung to the wall.

"How the fuck do you make this look so easy?" Michael asked.

"Saying I went to Nationals I'd say that I can make any trick on the ice look easy," I mused.

I skated forward a bit and Michael tried to follow but ended up wobbling and falling over.

"Goddammit!" Michael yelled and I looked around to make sure there weren't any little kids; just a small group of unamused high schoolers that looked like they'd rather be at school.

"Don't try gliding your feet. March as if you were a soldier or if you were in marching band," I said.

Michael tried what I had said and moved about four feet forwards before he fell again.

"Can't you help me?" he whined from where he was sitting on the ice.

I helped him up and I held onto his hands. I started skating backwards as he glided forwards. We went around the rink once before Michael started to have problems again. He stopped a bit and I knew he was about to fall.

He fell and landed on top of me. I let out a yelp as I hit the ice and Michael landed on top of me.

"Shit Soph, I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry, I'm so sorr-," Michael started and I laughed.

"I think you just found your toe pick," I said smiling.

"Why aren't you mad? I just made you fall and landed on top of you," he said confused.

Michael was still laying on me and I was looking up at him ramble.

"I've had worst falls Michael, this was nothing compared to what happened at regionals once," I said still laughing.

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