I woke up to the sunlight coming through my window. I looked at the shelf next to me and it was 8:30.

I got out of bed slowly, still waking myself up. I grabbed my bag off the floor and started putting my stuff into the closet.

One by one I pulled out each item. There were hangers in the closet so I used those. I adored all my new clothes and put those up first because they were on the top of my bag. I hung them in front where I would put all my other clothes behind them.

I finished putting everything up in a good 10 minutes. I opened the window to see what it felt like outside. It was warm but a bit breezy. It was really hot out but I wanted to be comfy.

I put on my black shorts with a unique symbol patterned gray shirt. I put a gray sweatshirt over this. It was a bit puffy but really comfortable. It didn't have a hood so it didn't pull on my neck.

On the sweatshirt were the words lovin life. This was one of my favorite sweatshirts but I can't wear it as much because it's so hot in California.

I walked over to my empty suitcase and looked at my box next to it. I pushed it under my bed so no one would get into it. I walked across the hall into my bathroom.

I switched the lights on because there was no window in there. I brushed my hair out until it was hanging down my shoulders straight. I braided it and put an elastic on it to keep it together.

I grabbed my toothbrush from the shower and I turned the water on. I soaked my toothbrush under it and then put toothpaste on it and then soaked it under the faucet again.

I turned the water off to save water and I started brushing my teeth.

I hummed happy birthday three times until I finished brushing my teeth without forgetting my tongue.

I set my toothbrush down and placed everything in an orderly fashion. I walked out of the bathroom and made sure my bedroom door was shut. I walked down the stairs and I heard voices coming from all around the house. Not everyone was up but there were a few productive people already up.

I walked into the kitchen and there sat Christina, David, Jack, and Adam. The twins were up playing with their toys in the living room and I'm guessing that Dylan and Alex were still sleeping.

"Good morning sweetie," Christina said.

"Morning," I said.

"Did you sleep well?"

"Great actually."

"That's good, if you want some cereal, or pop tarts, or whatever you can find in there, just help yourself."

"Okay thank you."

I walked over to the pantry and it was filled with all kinds of foods.

I grabbed cinnamon toast crunch out and I set it on the counter. I walked over to the fridge and took out the milk.

"Where are the bowls?" I asked.

"First cabinet to your left."

I opened the cabinet and took out the bowl.

"Okay thanks."

I poured a bit of cereal in without over doing it. I put in the milk next. I found the spoons that were in the first small drawer I opened.

I walked over to the table where some of the family sat eating or reading the newspaper in David's case, or on their phone in Christina's case. I sat a seat away from Adam kind of on my own little island while everyone else sat right next to each other.

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