James' POV

  I understand Molly wants to be a mom and everything...but she can't adopt Kaylee and Aaron's baby...right? I don't know... Tell me if this is creepy...but I always imagined me getting Molly pregnant after our honeymoon. Yes. I loved her that much in high school. I wanted to be the father of the baby we'd raise together...

  She's been spending a lot of time with Aaron and Kaylee...its been like four months since Kaylee and Aaron told us the news. So Kaylee is a little over six months. I barely get to talk to Molly anymore. And now, this chick is coming to Molly's apartment. She went to school with us but I can't remember her name. Anyways...she's coming to help Molly find a two bedroom house. Yeah...she's gonna have us move into a house with the unexpected baby. I'll still take care of her. Yeah...the baby is a girl. Well, we're gonna live with it in a house. Molly already has her eye on this really expensive house...its white and its one story and it has a really big everything. It even has an indoor pool.

  "James,"Molly said waving her hands in front of my face. Finally. She was talking to me.


  "I need to know if your alright...we haven't really had time together in like four months...I miss you...,"that made me pissed. It wasn't my fault. She's the one who agreed to be the mom of Kaylee and Aaron's baby.

  "Molly,"I rubbed my forehead.


  "Nothing, just go get ready for your friend. She'all be here soon."

  "James. Your mad at me. Why are you mad at me?"

  "I'm just stressed. Now go. I love you."

  "Love...you too..."

  I nodded and leaned my head back against the couch. This was gonna be a long life.

Hannah's POV

  So how I understood Molly's short text. She was pregnant. Again. She better not have gotten tangled up with Michael again. I will kill him. I hate Michael.

  Molly wants me to help look for a house with her while I'm back from college for awhile.

  I walked up to her ultimate apartment building. Before we moved away to go to college, me and Riley and Kameron and Molly of course through a really huge party in that apartment. Its a big apartment. We got the cops called on and everything. Guys were jumping out the windows and girls were running out of the doors. It was pretty fun. I got pretty drunk that night, as did everyone else.

  When I knocked on her door, she opened it. She didn't look pregnant at all. She was skinny as a board as usual. I looked at her confused.

  "I thought you were pregnant?,"I asked. She laughed and helped me inside. "No. Kaylee is pregnant. I'm just gonna adopt the baby girl as soon as its born. Kaylee and Aaron aren't ready to be parents."

  "And you are??"

  "Yeah. I have been since I had that miscarriage. I wasn't gonna rush anything...but I knew I was ready to be a mother."

  "I see..."

  She nodded. "Come in."

  I did. Her apartment was big. Same as always. Nothing changed. "So have you found a house in your interest?"

  She nodded. "Yeah."

  She showed me the house. And then the price. Gawd. She was expensive! Good luck James. "Its pretty,"she said. I nodded, "yeah. Pretty expensive."

  She laughed. "Yeah. Mom and dad's gonna pay for it. I just wanted to have you help move us in and stuff."

  The heck? No.

  "I'm not strong."

  She laughed. "Just the baby's stuff."

  I nodded. Why was she acting like this? Responsible...wasn't her...

  "I'm gonna go. I know I just got here, but I gotta go somewhere. See ya later Molls."

  She nodded. Her head was in the clouds.

  She needed help.

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