Chapter 15: Invitation

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"What time is it?" I asked wiping my forehead.

"9:52" Lia stated as she put her phone back in her back pocket.

We just started our hike and I was already tired. Lia and Jc were in front of me, holding hands and being all cute, Kian was climbing a tree just behind us and Connor was in the front of the group taking pictures of EVERYTHING.

"I think you forgot that leaf" I joked and he turned his head and smiled back at me.

"Jc stop" Lia shouted as she was being chased around.

"Make me" he said as he scooped her up and continued to walk. I smiled at how cute they were together.

I looked up to where Connor was and he was looking at me. "What?" I asked blushing.

"Nothing." He smiled very cheesily and continued to walk.

From the back I heard an "OH NO!" I snapped my head back and saw everything go down, literally.

Snap! The treebranch broke under Kian's feet and he went tumbling down to the ground. Everyone started to laugh.

I ran over to where he was laying on the ground holding his arm and laughing. "Are you okay?" I asked holding my hand out.

"Yeah I'm fine" he sighed and grabbed my hand and my arm got the tingles but it quicky when away. I need to drink more water I thought to myself, that's a sign of dehydration. "I'm glad Ricky's not here or he would do the whole body check making sure none of my bones were broken. Sometimes he's just too caring." he laughed.

"Is your arm okay?" I asked jesturing to the arm he was still holding.

"yeah" he let go of his arm showing a bloody mess.

" Let me grab the First-Aid kit." I say rushing to Jc who was throwing leaves at Lia. I took the bag from him and walked over to Kian and took out the First-Aid kit.

"That looks like it hurts." Connor said taking a picture of Kian. He looked at the picture on his phone " tumblrable." He put his phone away and took over the mess of a wrap I was trying to do. " you learn a few things when you were a lifegaurd for a few years." he smiled up at me.

A few minutes later we were up walking around again and I got lost in thought.

Stormy and I talked in morning and I convinced her to come back so I was pretty excited. I also told her about the incident in Starbucks and the box. She was furious and said she was going to get to the bottom of it. After that we just caught up on everyday things like what she at and what she did with ehr parents and I told her about how I have been hanging out a lot with Connor and the rest of the group. She was excited to meet them. I was thinking about what it was going to be like when she got back. Is it going to be the same or is there going to be some tension.... Just then I was was nudged and came back to reality.

I looked at my side and saw Connor. " Hi there!" I beamed.

"Hello, doing some daydreaming?" he questioned as he stepped over a stump.

" Just thinking" I said as I looked around at the beautiful veiw of the trees.

"Well that's always good to.." His phone started going off. "Hi Ricky, How's recording going?... That's good.... yup she is right next to me do you want to talk to.." He was cut off and listened intensely to a babbling Ricky on the other end. "Really when?" he said walking away to lean on a tree. " Awesome."

Connor continued to talk on the phone so I went over to Lia, Kian and Jc who were sitting on a huge rock. I sat next to Kian who was tying his shoe. I took out my phone and checked the time.

" It's 11:26" I sighed and turned off my screen.

"No it's not" Jc said smerking at Kian and Kian started laughing.

"Yes it is" I said confused looking back in forth at Kian and Jc who were giggling.

"No it's not.... Kian what time is it?" He said beginning stand up.

Kian stood up too leaving Lia and I staring at each other confused. "It's sexy time!" He shouted and they started taking off their shirts and danced around like idiots.

"Oh my gosh you too" Lia said rolling off the rock to stand up on her feet. " You two are crazy!"

"Shout-out to Dominic DeAngelis!" Screamed Kian.

"Who" I asked still sitting on the rock.

"Dom is a friend of ours who makes YouTube videos as well and he has a segment call 'Sexy Time'" Lia said over the two boys who were still whooping and hollering.

"Oh" I said finally understanding.

The boys settled down right when Connor came back to the group. "Save your moves for the party" he said putting his pone in his back pocket.

"What party?" Kian asked putting his shirt back on and ran his fingers through his hair.

We all look at Connor and a huge smile spreads across his face. "The one tonight that Ricky invited us to and it's tonight!"

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