After a few minutes of standing alone by the door, Four composes himself and is back to his snarky self.

"If you weren't invited by Zeke, Uriah, Christina, or myself, LEAVE."

About 150 people leave and now it's just Christina, Will, Four, Uriah, Zeke, Marlene, Shauna, Eric, Lauren, and me.

"Let's play some Candor or Dauntless you pansycakes," yells Uriah.

"Christina, Candor or Dauntless?"

"Dauntless. There's a reason I left them yaknow."

"Yeah, yeah. You and Will play seven minutes in Heaven."

Christina's only response was "Ooh" and giggling.


Me and Will go into a spare bed room and we kiss for a few minutes. Then I get a plan. I tell Will my plan and he just grins and kisses me. Gosh I love him.

We both start jumping on the bed and I moan a few times and we look at the door to see a disappointed Uriah with a camera.

"Man I wanted to get this memory on camera," he said frowning. "By the way, the seven minutes are up," he grumbled.

As we were walking out of the room, I notice Tris sitting in the exact place and position as before. I went and told Four that she looks uncomfortable and this is her first party so we have to make it special and he grins at me and then announces something.

"ALCOHOL TIME!!!!!" He screams and everyone else cheers except Tris. She looks scared for a minute then she looks around and smiles. 'Little does she know' I think to myself as I grin.

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