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Harry's pov

"Harry get dressed" Zayn said slapping my face.

"Quit that" I snapped as he sighed.

"Simon wants us all in his office in a half hour,so get ready" He huffed before I buried my face out of the couch and threw on my clothes.

"Why does Simon want us, what did we do?" I slurred walking into the kitchen, immediately turning off the lights that made my eyes hurt.

"I made you some tea" Lou said softly as he handed me a cup of hot tea.

"Thanks" I mumbled sipping on the tea, as I found a seat and slouched down, sighing.

"Harry" Zayn paused. "Your shirt is on backwards" He said patting my shoulder as Lou laughed.

"i'm too tired to fix it"

"You mean, you're to hungover too fix it" Zayn remarked as I rolled my eyes.

"Whatever, lets go see Simon now i guess" I said rubbing my neck before throwing a hat on and joining Zayn and Lou in the car.Lou drove us to Simon's office as i stared out the window for twenty minutes, observing everything around us. My headache wouldn't go away and i'm sort of used to the pain now, so it doesn't affect me anymore like it used too. As we approached the familiar building I put my hat back on to avoid any sunlight hitting my eyes, we all get out of the car and walk in to the building, passing all the secretaries and interns, we arrived in Simon's office, as Liam and Niall were already sitting in front of his desk.

"Good afternoon boys" Simon nodded as the three of us sat down.

"Afternoon" we all chorused.

"So lets cut to the chase" Simon said folding his hands. "I have been adressed a situation, and a problem that needs to be discussed" He said sitting more upright. "Liam and Niall have brought up the issue between your 'partying' or whatever you teenagers call that" he said putting air qoutes. "That's not acceptable Harry, you are putting getting drunk and partying, in front of your image, friends and most importantly, fans" He glared.

"I'm pretty sure I can do what i want" I laughed.

"No, not really" Simon laughed. "I am supposed to ensure your image" he nodded, "Without Harry Styles, there would be no One Direction, do you understand that?" Simon said as I nodded.

"When people think of Harry Styles, they are supposed to think of 'oh that cute British guy' not 'that sleazy drunk from that one band' " He said as i laughed.

"I'm not a sleazy drunk" I said bitterly.

"Harry, Liam found you passed out on the couch this morning, with a major hangover" He fired back.

"I'm just trying to have fun, its my life decisions, not yours, you don't own me"

"Harry stop that" Liam said as everyone looked at me with an shocked expression.

"No you stop LIam!" "You're not my mother so stop acting like it!" I said yelling at him.

"Cut it out!" Simon yelled as I slouched in my chair.

"You need to quit with the partying,the late nights, and endless girls, that needs to stop, you're losing fans" Simon instructed.

"And what if i don't" I challenged.

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