Part 18

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Most oft he students were in the cafeteria, so the hall was pretty much empty and lifeless. “Betty? Hey! Betty!” someone called for her by the nickname she hated the most and there was only one person who called her like that. The steps were becoming louder and Beth turned her head to the person that was approaching her. “Betty, I missed you!” Before she could even say anything, he was hugging the life out of her, while she just stood there, not moving an inch. “Mike, let me go.” Beth said deadly serious. “What? Aren’t you happy to see me?” he asked with a small pout. “I’d rather see you in a puddle of your own blood.”, “I see you’re as straightforward as always, Betty.” He said with a chuckle, not caring about Beth’s statement at all. “You’re even more beautiful. Did you lose some weight? You look better than 3 years ago.” He quickly said while observing her from head to toes. Beth wanted to kill him at the moment. “What are you doing here?” she asked, already annoyed, while staring into his green eyes with an indifferent voice. “That’s right, great news. For the part of the college research, I made a contract with school for a two-month experimental math teaching. I get to work with some guy… What was his name again? Sebastian?”
Beth literally felt like a thunder struck her. “You’re kidding me, right?”, “Nope. I’ll be some kind of substitute teacher, while he will observe my classes and grade me. Isn’t that great?” When Beth didn’t say anything, Mike chuckled. “Well, I’ll be going. I’m starting from the next week.” He made a few steps and then stopped. “By the way, you shouldn’t wear glasses. You look better without them.” Beth really wanted to kill him. “Too bad I need them only for my sight.”

Sebastian had to stop eating his lunch because he was called by the principal. He was introduced to a college student who needs to do this project for college and the school is willing to help him. He remembered when he had to do stuff like that. Useless bother, really. The bad thing was that he got to have him. The good thing was that it’s only one hour a week. ‘It should be entertaining, especially with seniors.’
After Ms. Walker, the principal of the school, gave him the table in which he was supposed to write his estimates about the boy’s teaching, Sebastian went out of the office and headed back to finish his lunch. On his way back, he stopped by a wall and leaned on it, quickly looking through the papers. While standing there, he overheard that student Michael, if he remembered his name correctly, was talking to someone. It was a girl and he talked to her like they were old friends. “I’d rather see you in a puddle of your own blood.” The girl said to him and Sebastian figured that it was Beth. “I see you’re as straightforward as always, Betty.” ‘Betty.’ he repeated in his mind and chuckled. “You’re even more beautiful. Did you lose some weight? You look better than 3 years ago.” ‘So, they are friends.’ “What are you doing here?” Beth asked him as she was tired of his shit and Sebastian thought that he should better go. It was none of his business and there was a lunch waiting for him.

                                                        * * *

Every Tuesday they had Michael as a substitute teacher. Isn’t that great? A substitute teacher to a current substitute teacher. As far as Beth understood, he showed up just in right time because they were going to repeat stuff from the 9th to 12th grade for the state graduation which Michael will be teaching. Sebastian is going to be in the back part of the classroom and watch his abilities, but he will also teach the new stuff on Thursdays. It wasn’t much of a problem to Beth; she knew practically everything from the past years, but it wasn’t the case for others.
Girls were delighted by Michael, just as Beth was 3 years ago. He was handsome and tall with a flashy smile, but self-centered as fuck. Heartless, too.
While he was blabbering about something, Beth leaned her head on her hand and stared out of the window, remembering the past. She was a freshman and he was a senior, basketball player, popular among everyone. Yes, Beth was seduced by his looks, but decided to ignore him because he seemed like a flashy guy and she simply hated flashy guys. They think everything is about them. So one day after two months of school, Beth found him standing next to her locker, alone. Completely ignoring his existence, she replaced her books and continued her route. With a chuckle, he stopped her by putting a hand on her shoulder, followed with words ‘Am I that unbearable?’. That started everything. He was talking with her more and more often, even walking home with her because just then she found out they lived in the same street. Little by little, she fell in love with him and they started dating. Even her parents loved him. One night they were watching movies together at Beth’s house when she got a call. It was that call from the hospital about her parents’ death. Beth told him to go home and that she’ll explain everything to him later. She wasn’t capable of anything at that moment. But since that night, he didn’t talk to her anymore, nor even looked at her. He broke up with a text message and continued living like she never happened.
And now he showed up and practically jumped on her overwhelmed with happiness, calling her with that stupid ‘Betty’ nickname he made up. Even though she’s been called various nicknames people took from her name, ‘Betty’ was the worst one. She couldn’t help but think of Betty White every time she heard it. Betty White is a great woman and all, but nuh-uh.

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