1 Love Session For 2 Special Hearts...Part 2 (Chapter 13)

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December 13th

Stamford, Connecticut / Rome, Italy and the European Union

Dear Mimi,

The suite was purely unforgettable! It was huge and in earth tones. The windows were large and they definitely allowed a whole lot of sunshine into the room. The artwork was abstract style and quite lovely. There was a small kitchenette and a small dinning room table for two people. I still couldn't believe that I got that room on a sweet deal through Hotwire.com. As Roman looked around the room, he was in as much awe as I was. "Babygirl, you sure this was a last minute trip plan?" "I swear it is my sweetheart." After we gave thanks for arriving there safely, we decided to rest up, enjoy the room and get ready for the great time we both were looking forward to. There were so many things to do: sky diving, couples yoga, a few couples art classes, shopping. I even read that there was a bike and car show that was hosted by Mario Andretti and Max Leonard. I remember meeting them both while I was doing an interview for a magazine called D.U.B.S. I told Roman about the show and he lit up like a kid on Christmas Day. I was really happy that I made this happen.

Later on that night, we were still in awe over the view from the suite's balcony. You could see rows of houses and streetlights creating a beautiful glow which also reflected in the ocean. While I was waching everything outside the window, he came up from behind, squeezed me tight and nuzzled my neck. I was in pure bliss.

We had dinner which was lovely: three cheese ravioli, lobster tails, a house salad and tiramisu for dessert. We fed each other and enjoyed the conversation. On the local entertainment news channel, they reported that they saw the two of us arriving in and other little things. We looked at each other and just laughed. Heck, it was cute to see.

Ah, the next morning was just as lovely. We enjoyed breakfast and planned what we were going to do on the first day in Rome. While I was in the shower, Roman snuck in because just as I was coming out..."Hey love, I'm almost done.." I sung. "No you're not..."he replied and joined me in the shower...

We decided to do the couples art sessions first. We were almost late for that (and it was all Roman's fault yet I enjoyed it;). Right before we checked into the class, all artists were required to check our cell phones into the receptionist and she handed us a ticket to retrieve the phone when the class was over. That made me very curious. Entering the art classroom was a joy. It was large enough to sit ten couples in the room comfortably and two teachers. In front of the classroom were three small podiums. "I wonder what we're in for." Roman whispered in my ear. Inhaling his cologne was a treat to my senses as always. "Me too. This will be interesting to see." Once we got settled in our art station, we greeted and exchanged hellos to everyone that passed us by. Some even asked for a pic (Of course, it's part of the game we chose to play.). We agreed to do a few afterwards.

While we were still looking around, the art teacher and his assistant entered the room. All of us excited artists turned our attention to them. "Hello and welcome to Couples Artclass. I'm David and this is my art assistant Gloria. We will start out with couples sculpting and then couples drawing and finish up with some freestyle art. If anyone wants to be a model for the session, please let one of us know before each art session starts. Allow me to warn you now...this art class does use full nude models both males and females. If you are uncomfortable with that, please exit now. This also explains the reason why y'all were required to check in all electronic devices when you checked in with the receptionist." Gloria opened the door to allow anyone who wanted to leave out. I think they had everyone at the word "nude". After she closed the door, he announced that we will start with couples sculpting. All of the men helped the teacher set the canvases to either side of the room. Gloria placed a vase sculpture on a stool which then was placed on. We were instructed to recreate the sculpture that was in front of us. As each of the couples did what we were asked to do, we concentrated on the task.

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