T-ake me Home. (chapter two)

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T-ake me Home, Chapter Two.


10:30 am

"What's your name, blondie!" The instructor, Keith Shadis, yelled in Julia's face. She flinched slightly before stuttering a reply. 'Well, if Julia's like that, I wonder how bad I'll react to him yelling in my face.'

"J-Julia B-Beilschmidt, from Cana- from Utopia District, Sir!"

"And why are you here, Beilschmidt?" Shadis yelled, narrowing his eyes at Julia.

"To join the Survey Corps, Sir!" She replied.

He stepped away before replying, "Well if you'd like to join the Survey Corps, then I suggest you quit flinching because there's shit scarier than me outside these walls, maggot!"

He then moved on to Maggie, "And you are?"

"Maggie Ahmad, from Utopia District, Sir!" She retorted, without flinching or stuttering. 'How does she do it?'

"Why are you here, Ahmad?"

"To join the Survey Corps as well, Sir!"

He didn't reply but instead shook his head and let a loud sigh come out of his mouth.

'Oh god, I'm next.'

I quickly whipped the piece of hair covering my face away before he stood in front of me. I quickly did the salute and starred up into his intimidating eyes.

"What do they call you, cadet?"

It took all my strength not to finch violently, "Kelly Silva. I plan to join the Survey Corps in hopes of a future outside of the walls.. Sir!"

"A future outside the walls, hm? Well if you want a future outside the walls, you're going to need to man up!" He screamed, and stomped on my foot. I fell to the ground and held my foot, rocking back and forth. "If you can't deal with a little foot stomp, you're not going to be able to join the Survey Corps!"

He then huffed at me and moved onto Mikasa, who stood proudly beside me.


The wind blew slightly in my hair as we stood outside of the bunks. Julia was sitting against the wall, stretching and letting out a yawn. Maggie sat on the wooden rail as we all starred at Sasha, still running in the distance.

"Man, I thought Shadis was going to kill Potato girl.." Connie said

"I know, one hell of a first day." Eren replied. "It's funny.. Being told to run until the sun sets didn't seem to bother her nearly as much as loosing meal privileges for the next 5 days."

"I think she said she's from Dauper, If I remember right, that's a small hunting village up in the mountains." Connie said, continuing to stare at the running girl. I could've sworn that Connie looked like he was in a daze starring at her... I ship them so badly-

My thoughts were cut short as Eren began speaking again, "What's that?"

"They're dropouts, they prefer to work in the fields." Mina replied.

"But it's only the first day..."

"That's the way it is... if they can't handle the pressure, they leave." Eren said. "I can't believe anyone would rather pull plants than fight.."

Marco suddenly got up and faced Eren, "I know about some of us, but you never mentioned where you were from Eren," He then turned and looked at me, "Or you, Kelly."

Eren placed his hand on Armin's shoulder and smiled, "The same as Armin, from Shiganshina." A gasp left everyone's lips except Maggie, Julia, and I's.

"Shiganshina as well." I said, shrugging. Damn, I should've said Trost! Now more attention will be brought to my lie!

They all starred at the three of us as if we were aliens, "Oh wow, that means..." Marco began,

"You were there that day, you saw them!" Connie said, it looked as if he was about to jump up and down from excitement.

"No, stop!" Marco said, begging.

"The Colossal titan! Did you see him?"

I slightly backed away and sat beside Julia, along with Maggie. I didn't want attention upon my lie, so I didn't reply and instead engaged in conversation with Maggie and Julia.

Eren nodded, looking down. "Yeah. Yeah I did."


 After a very eventful dinner, all of us were sent to our cabins for the night. Julia, Maggie and I were all assigned to different cabins so we only had a brief moment to talk about where we would meet tonight.

"Meet behind cabin 3, in 30 minutes."

30 minutes later I quietly snuck out of my cabin almost being caught by a light sleeper named Ymir. And now I stood behind cabin 3 along with Julia and Maggie. We all stood in silence, a decent distance from each other.

We all pulled out our crystals and readied ourselves.

"I am going to be in so much trouble when we get back." Maggie said. Julia and I nodded in a agreement.

I held on tighter to the left strap of my bag before throwing the crystal onto the ground along with the two other girls.

We waited.

And waited...

And kept waiting...

But nothing happened. So we all picked up our crystals and tried again.


We kept trying, over and over, until our arms were sore.

"Damn it! Why won't it work!" I yelled, and threw the crystal one last time.

"Oh god, what do we do?" Julia said, pacing back and forth.

Maggie stood still before shrugging. "I don't know, I guess were... Stuck here..."

Julia shook her head violently, her blonde hair violently waving back and forth. "No! I refuse to believe it! Tomorrow, we'll try again! And if it doesn't work then we'll know."

"Yeah, what Julia said." I began to walk over to my crystal but failed to see a rock in my path, causing me to trip over it and fall.

"Shit." I cursed as I looked down and saw my jeans had been ripped and blood began rushing from the cut. 'Why does it hurt? It's not suppose to hurt!'

As I got up I felt a sharp pain in my ankle. "Um, guys..."

They both stopped walking and looked back at me, "Yes?" Julia said.

"M-my knee hurts... and my ankle."

"So?" Maggie replied nonchalantly.

"It's not suppose to hurt, remember?"


((a/n: why do i always end these so horribly? xD anyways, this was a bad chapter bleh, i'll probably update tomorrow since I've already started on chapter 3 :-) drama in the next chapter ooo))


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