Chapter 6: Her grave

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After the horrific thing that happened the day before, we wanted to make Snowy a grave, so I got a lolly pop stick and wrote on it: 'here lies snowy the hamster'(and a date I can't remember)then we dug a hole in the ground for our little furry friend to go in and stuck the lolly pop stick on top! But I thought it needed something else? So we headed down to the co-operation, to find a glittery stone that says: 'I love you'(or something like that)eventually I found one, it said: 'you will always be in our hearts' which I thought was beautiful and perfect for her grave! so we headed home and into the garden to place the stone on her grave, It was beautiful and really made the grave stand out! The next day I couldn't stop thinking out her, so I visited the grave one more time and found out the headstone was missing! So I went inside and found a cross that came in the mail, so I write on it the exact same thing I write on the lolly pop stick, went outside and stuck it there! It fitted perfectly! No writing was missed out and it didn't fall out!

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