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Emily tugged on her moms hand, trying to drag her to the entrance, "Come on! Were gonna be late!" She whined. "Emily, you know it won't open for another 3 minutes!" "I know, I know! I just wanna get a good spot to see Foxy! He is my favorite!'

It felt like forever before the doors opened. Emily rushed in barely hearing her mother words, " Don't take to long!"

She ran to pirates cove, but the stage was empty. She climbed up, and took a peek through the curtain. "Where is he?" She asked, her void muffled by the curtain. Suddenly, she felt something yank her arm. She looked up, startled to see a mysterious man, completely covered in purple, with unnaturally white eyes. "Now, now little girl, no need to be snooping" he snickered. Emily yowled in protest as she was dragged across the room.

The purple man took out a cloth, and shoved it in her mouth. "H-h-help!" She screamed, but the cloth muffled her screams. The man tossed her into a closet and locked the door.



Foxy woke up to the sound of droned screams. What in the world is that? He stumbled out of pirates cove, looking around in confusion. The screams happened again, and they came from the closet. He inched closer, and opened the door. Is that... A kid! Who would do such a thing? He suddenly had the urge to take them down, and 87' there face off. He shuddered at the thought.

Foxy picked up the girl, and walked her over to pirates cove. "Argh!" He raised his hook. "What happened?"


Just as she hoped, Foxy heard her screams. He came to save me! She thought. "What happened?" He asked, his voice rough and mechanical. "I-I-" she stammered. "I walked over to pirates cove to see you perform, but you weren't there, so I peeked through your curtain. Then a purple man grabbed me, and threw me into a closet." She exclaimed. At the mention of the man, Foxy growled. At last Foxy finally replied, "We need to get ye' out of here, NOW."

At that very moment, the door cracked open.


Sorry for the cliffhanger guys! Anyway, I hope you've enjoyed this story so far. Please leave some comments on your opinions if you'd like! Chapter 1 is coming soon!

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