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Nova's POV

Algebra 2 just dismissed and now I'm heading to lunch. I saw Lucy and ran up to her, I slowed down because I saw some jackass fucking with her.

"Hey!" I yell down the hall to the guy as he turned and his jaw dropped.

"W-What?" He stutters. Dafaq betch!?

"What are you doing?" I grab Lucy's arm pulling her slightly.

"Oh...um...I was...uh... I'm hungry bye." He states scurrying of to his line.

"Hey are you okay?" I ask Lucy glaring over at the ridiculously hot guy that was messing with her. He glared back then winked and turned around to get his tray. This fucker is playing around!

*already sitting down*

"So why was that guy messing with you?" I ask eating my pizza.

"Honestly I have no idea. He was with another guy. He was like..." She pauses

"FINEEEE!!!!" I give a small giggle and turn my head to my plate taking another bite of my pizza.

"But he was an asshole. Just like that guy you keep staring at." She smirks.

"Hey! Shut up! He's hot as fuck."

"He's alright. He was with the guy I ran into earlier." She said sighing.

"Wait you ran into someone?"

"Yea, no biggy. He was a pure douche bag though." She shrugs picking at her food. We get up to throw our plates away when I bump into someone.

"Damn it." He mumbles dropping his tray on the floor.

"Hey, it's fine."  I giggle helping him pick up the tray and the spilled food.

"Nova get yo ass over here!" Lucy says in a ghetto voice.

"Fuck..." I mumble. He chuckles.

"What? Gonna miss my sexy ass?"

"Shut up, no"

"Well I gotta get going, I'm Kian." He smiles walking away. I walk up to Lucy.

"What the actual fuck!?" I laugh, blushing.

"I could say the same." The guy from the hallway said pissed. "So should I laugh and be like oh I'm Sam and I wanna fucking punch you and beat that pussy up."

"Fuck off." I flick him off walking away with Lucy.







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