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I walked through the gates and looked up at the castle like building, except this castle wasn't one you saw in dreams or a fairytale story, it was a tall, large building with dark windows and spikes along the fences.
I walked slowly towards the main doors of the school, everywhere was silent. you could hear a pin drop. I knocked gently on the headmasters door. The door handle turned and a tall figure hovered over me, I looked up, a man about 6ft2 glared at me and nodded me to a seat, I sat down. but me being me pipped up and yelled "Hi, I'm Alix, I'm New, I Haven't Got Given My Lessons Yet"
He passed me a sheet with all the rooms of my lessons on and lead me to the door, he didn't speak once.

1st lesson-
I knocked on the door a little less gentle than the usual me. it opened and a loud noise came from the room, or I should say loud noises!
The room was full of kids wearing black playing screamo music.
It was the start of the year and this was a new teacher so all the kids had name cards on there desks.
I looked around, no one even noticed me.
I saw a girl in the back corner she had dark curly hair and was wearing a bmth top, there was a boy with his arms round her, there name cards read 'holly' and 'max' I took that they were a couple and then carried on looking around. there was a group gathered in one corner were all the loud music was blaring from. I read there name cards quietly under my breath
"Rory, Sophie, Niamh, Teya, Faith and Jasmine" but I could only see 4 out of the 6 people, I turned a little seeing two people 'getting off' in the corner, I guessed that was Jasmine&Rory as they weren't sat at there name cards.
A boy walked over to me, he put his arms round me and whispered "welcome to the best class ever! I'm Aiden, what's your name?"
"Erm, err, Alix" I'd gone all shy. he let go and faced me giving me a high five.
"Hey Alix, so your new right?"
"Ye, I'm sorta new to this..."
"New to what?" He looked so confused
"The whole school thing"
"You've never been to school?" He grinned and lightly punched my arm in a friendly way.
"N-no, I was erm" I paused a little embarrassed
"Home schooled?" He answered for me and I smiled and nodded.
"Cool, well this class is full of awesome people, you'll fit right in! I'll name some to get to know"
"Okay" I smiled
"Well there's the group over there that you can see and that's jasmine and Rory they kiss a lot haha, over there is Shannon and Sophie there like best mates and over here is Cameron and Meg"
"Hiiiii, omg, your ginger too?" Meg screamed. everywhere went silent and everyone looked at me. I was the new girl, I went bright red and then Rory came over to me.
"Hey, I'm Rory, your new? Nice to meet you"
"Hi" I started biting my sleeves nervously. I heard a cute laugh coming from outside, a girl walked in with a large folder, she had a hype bag, it was pretty cool.
"OMG hiiiiiiiii"
"That's Mia" Aiden said
"Okay, hey"
Everyone sat down and I went and sat with Aiden.
Niamh came over and introduced herself then she pecked Aidens cheek and sat next to me.
"Alix I have one question!"
"O-okay Niamh, what's up?"
"Do you like black veil brides?"
"OMG yes, have you seen Andy?" I giggled.
"You are the best! Omg! Fangirl buddy"

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