Chapter 3

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"Here is my room," Louis opened the door for me as I enter his room, he shuts the door behind us smiling. "Are you sure about this?" He suddenly looks serious and concerned. Picking up a pillow off of his bed, I hit him with it and giggle, "I'll be fine Louis, stop worrying."
He laughs, "Well, I need to go clean up, I'll bring you some water up. Do you need anything else before I go?"
"Actually, have you got any pajamas, I can wear?" I ask uncertainly. Lpuis walks towards his draw and roots through, he pulls out a white and black striped T-shirt and throws it at me. "That's my biggest top, it'll have to do," he walks towards the door and just before leaving, he spins around, "You might want to make up some excuse for your parents." He smiles at me, then he's gone and I'm alone.

I ring mum, and she answers on the third ring. "Hello sweetie, how's the party?"
"Good mum, Millie said I can stay at hers tonight, she'll take me to school tomorrow. Is that okay?"
"As long as her mum has agreed, I have no problem with it. I'll see you tomorrow after school then Ind, good night."
"Bye mum." I say hanging up the phone. I knew she would buy it, I've known Millie since pre school, she's the closest thing to a best friend I've got.

Next I tie my hair into a messy bun ontop of my head, I slip out of my dress. I then pull Louis T-shirt over my head. It's too big on me, but it smells amazing. I walk towards his double bed, pull back the navy blue covers and climb inside. The next thing I remember is falling asleep.

"Morning, sleepy head!" I wake to the smell of pancakes, my favourite smell. It all must have been a dream, a realistic one at that. But when I open my eyes I see Louis, smiling at me with a tray of pancakes in his hand. My head begins to pound and I feel a bit dizzy as I sit up. "First hangover?" He asks and I nod, "Here take these Ind." Louis hands me some water and some pills. Then he sits beside me on his bed whilst we eat our pancakes. A sudden alarm strikes me, I'm missing school. "Don't worry school doesn't start for another two hours." Louis laughs at my panic then.
"Oh my god, I stink. Am I alright to grab a shower Louis?" He nods, then another thought hits me. "What am I gonna wear to school?"
"You can always wear my T-shirt," Louis smirks, "you do look hot, in it." Rolling my eyes I nudge him.
"I'll find you something to wear don't worry," For some reason I can't help but feel worried.

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