Chapter 3

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Ron's POV

Well, it happened. My mother used to tell me that one day, I would get hurt because of a stupid decision of mine. It happened. My decision of letting Abby and Vanessa get into my head had led to someone I loved lying unconscious in the hospital. Seeing her that way, and knowing that it was because of me had hurt me. I was feeling completely empty inside, overridden by guilt.

It had now been four days since she had fallen unconscious and still she had shown no signs of waking up. Her skin was pale as ivory and when I held her hand, it was cold. But madame Pomfrey had told me that she would live, that she was breathing and that was good.

I just wanted her to wake up. Madame Pomfrey had said that it might take a week, but in three days, we were supposed to leave for America to look for Harry's sister. Would she be conscious by then? I did not want to leave her behind. We wouldn't last two days without her.

I was ready to do anything if it meant she would wake up. She didn't even have to forgive me for all the hurt I caused her: she just needed to open her eyes. I deserved every bit of harshness from her when she woke up, and I would gladly take it, if it meant she would be alright again.

The bed Hermione was lying on was the last one in the hospital wing and I had pulled the curtains around it so it felt like a small place where no one existed but me and an unconscious Hermione. People would pop in from time to time, asking questions like "How is she?" (She was obviously not well) and "Any idea when she'll wake up?" (Of course I had no idea!)

They would just look down at her with pity in their eyes and then at me with a mixture pity and accusation.

I could understand then accusing me of what happened to her, but when they looked pityingly at her, I wanted to scream at them. She had never wanted anyone to look at her like that, no matter what happened.

The lunch bell had rung a while ago and I was considering actually going to the Great Hall instead of waiting for Harry to come. Over the past two days, he had been coming in after every meal to check up on me and he usually brought a sandwich for me to eat.

I had been in the hospital wing for the last four days, not wanting to leave just in case Hermione woke up. I had not even gone for lessons. But everyone seemed to have been expecting that.

I glanced out the window to see the grounds covered in a thin layer of snow. It seemed to be melting and the air had even gotten just a little warmer today. Looking back at Hermione's sleeping form one last time, I pushed the curtains close behind me as I left for lunch.

The hallways were filled with students who were on their way to the Great Hall, and the smell of warm food reached me before I got there. The. cool air that rushed in through the windows washed over my face and it seemed to awaken my senses. I had been in that hospital room for four days straight.

The Great Hall was buzzing with chatter and excited laughter as I walked in, and the Gryffindor table was already crowded. I made my way towards Harry and saw he was sitting with Ginny. She hadn't spoken to me ever since the fight and Harry had told me she was still angry. I just hoped she would forgive me soon. She was my sister.

"Ron!" Harry grinned, patting me on the back. "Finally decided to eat with us, did you, mate?"

I chuckled, sliding in next to him on the bench . "Yeah. Hermione was doing okay. I mean she's unconscious but she hasn't thrashed about in her sleep or anything. So I thought I could have lunch here." It still felt weird, talking to Harry after everything I had done. He always forgave me and somehow we always managed to make up in the end.

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