Chapter 1.

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-two years after the first book takes place-
"So who's sleeping where or with whoooooo?" Olivia (OliviaWelchBlackwell ) drew out hoping she'd be with Jerome. "Well....." I tease.
"You know I hate you right now!" Liv yelled
"Shut up" Breh, Bethany, Courtney and Emily and Bekky yelled from the back seat. (JealousmuchLil, BBluIceWolf , mmos_oakley , awsumness_4ever sorry if I messed up)
"You know I had a dream.." My sentence was cut short by Emily once again.
"If you say anything that has to do with 'Martian Luther King Jr.'s' speech I'm done"
"I has nothing to do with it, I'll tell you when we get to the house Mitch told me they were... Never mind forget what you just heard nobody's nowhere"
"Wait wait wait wait!" Bethany yelled from her seat in the back of the mini van.
"You got me, I may have told the guys there's enough space for them to live with us and they may have said..."
"For crying out loud what did they said!" Breh yelled.
"They said yes!! And do you want to know where you sleep because where here!" A grin formed on there faces as they grabbed there bags still in the car.
"um, mo there's a guy with a red checkered hoodie and a backa outside knowing on you and Liv's window"
And sure enough Courtney was right. I opened my door and felt the arms of my Prince Charming wrap around.
"I missed you so much" I say my eyes start to water as I hug harder.
"No I missed you more" I giggled.
"We're Turing into one of those couples aren't we?"
"You mean Jerome and Liv?" I nodded to see the two making out while the other girls got bombarded with hugs. Emily and Jason were hugging closer then ever.
"You want to go in its freezing out?"
"Hot chocolate and movies in our room?" I nodded.
"Everyone come on its cold and I assume your tired I'll show you where your rooms are."
As we walk in all the good memories flood in. "I missed this house so much." I exclaim
Down stairs the kitchen was to the left while accost was a hall and the living room. The middle had a huge stair case that lead to the rooms. On the left wing of the up stairs was Courtney, Seto, Bethany, Adam, Bekka, Ty, Breh, Tyler, Kyle on the right side was a stair case that lead to the attic which was a room that Mitch and I were in and Liv and Jerome had the old master bed room. "Well I'm making hot chocolate and going to watch movie anyone else in?" They all nodded as we went down to spend the rest of the night cosy as can be.

Hope you like the first chapter, can't update a lot my wrist is sprained or something and it just and I will update hope you like it so far

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