The Guild

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HEYYYAA GUYS! OMG FIRST CHAPTER UP!!! =========================
P.O.V Natsu

After Lucy threw me out the window (should I mention that it hurt!) I can't stop thinking about the time she grabbed me and whispered in my ear.

Happy started to make his way down.
" No fair!!" I said. "You didn't get chucked out the window!!"

" Luccchheee told me too meet you guys at the guild."

"Na let's just wait for her, Happy"

/\ time skip 10 mins/\
P.O.V Lucy

After my bath I carefully put on my clothes. Nothing flashy really just the same white vest with blue trims, my blue skirt, black long boots and my keys and whip. I started to make my way to the door to see someone waiting outside. Natsu.

Wow. Really? Did Happy even tell him to leave?? Maybe I should have aimed for the river.

I locked the door and walked out on the street, ignoring the figure. I should have watched out.
Someone tackled me to the ground. On top of me. Natsu. Oh god. He's sitting on me! I can't help but my face flushed with pink.
"No! you have to apologize for throwing me out the WINDOW!
"Fine! I'm sorry, now GET OFF!
He gladly hopped off of me
"Lets go to the guild now!" He hooted. He grabbed my hand and pulled me to the guild.
"Hey guys!!!!" She shouted as we busted threw the guild doors

"Hey flame brain" Gray smirked
" You looking for a fight?" Natsu lurched at Gray smacking him down to the floor.

I chucked and walked over to the request board.

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