I woke up feeling dizzy what did they do to me? More importantly where am I and who are they? Why would they kidnap me? What do they want from me? I never done anything wrong I looked at my surrounding I was in a bedroom on a bed it was stylish bedroom why would kidnappers put me in a stylish bedroom? In the movies they put the victim in a basement or something but like my mum once said 'this is reality not the movies' I miss her so much I wish she was still alive.

No time for crying I have to get out of here and fast before they do something to me.I got up from the bed and walked to the door I tried to open it but it was locked of course. Why wouldn't be locked they aren't idiot to leave the door open I saw a window I smiled and ran up to the window I looked out of it wow long way down I can't do this I'm stuck here I was interrupted from my thoughts by a door clicking open I turned around and saw a familiar face it was a guy with brown hair and blue eyes I've seen him somewhere I just don't remember where.

"finally awake you have to come with me" he suddenly spoke. Why would I come with him he's a total stranger 'stranger danger' mum always used to say.

"why would I want to come with you?" I narrowed my eyebrows at him I don't know where my confidence came from he came closer to me and grabbed my wrist I tried to pull away but it was no use.

"because if you don't I'll hurt you" I frozed when he spoke he wasn't going to hurt me right he suddenly started pulling me with him out of the door I struggled to get out of his grip but I couldn't he's too strong for me I wish I didn't quit thise tekwando lessons.

He knocked on a door I heard a old man's voice saying 'come in' so he opened the door and came in pulling me with him I was now in a living room this place was nice for a kidnapper's house.

I looked up and saw an old man sitting on a red chair like the king's chair yeah king right he had white hair and he was wearing a suit he looked at me and smiled.

"so this is the new girl jace picked out han?" the old man spoke wait did he just say 'jace' ? Maybe it's another jace? Wait I had a date with him and didn't find him he must be a part of this I can't believe it I knew I shouldn't have trusted him that bastard.

"yeah she is fiesty though you have to be carefull sir" the guy who brought me spoke I hate him already.

"oh I will Louis you can go and call harry now" so his name is louis oh my god that's jace's friend I can't believe this he's in this shit too? but who the heck is 'harry' ?

The old man got up and walked up to me I froze and started backing away was he gonna rap me? Oh my god I'm so scared he put his hand on my chin forcing me to look at him.

"Stop backing away I won't hurt you unless you force me to" He came even closer to me he wanted to kiss me no not again please no but the door cracked open revealing another guy thank god he's my savor.

"don't you knock?"the old man said clearly annoyed.

"sorry father I didn't know that you were going to fuck a doll"the guy rolled his eyes why did he call me a 'doll' ? and he called him 'father' so that's his son great just great that's what I needed a guy fucking me.

"Anyways you can take her now but first tell her what she's gotta do as usual" the guy nodded 'as usual'? what did he mean by that? Suddenly the guy grabbed my wrist and started pulling me out of the door with him we went in the same room that I was in he threw me on the bed wow rude much?

"you know it's rude throwing people like that?" I rolled my eyes at him.

"I never said I wasn't rude doll face" 'doll face'? what's with the people here calling me a 'doll'?

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