Chapter Twelve

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        The crowd welcomed Juliet’s father home then returned to their duties or whatever they had planned for the day as the tall woman, Juliet, her father and the smaller black wolf started to make their way to the house.

        The woman looked over to the smaller wolf and gave a small glare. “Michal, you are not coming into this house like that. You will be tracking dirt and mud over everything after I’ve already cleaned it.”

        “But dad gets to go around the house as a wolf! That’s not fair!” The tiny black wolf huffed through its mussel at her.

        “When you become leader of the pack and take over the household, you can run through the entire house like that for all I care but until then change.”

        “I’m sixteen years old. You don’t have to talk to me like I’m a child.”

        Juliet’s father turned to his son as he towered over him; giving him a deep growl. Michal’s tail jumped in between his hind legs as his ears fell flat on his head. He backed away slowly and nodded as he turned to a woman that was already standing at the front door with a pair of pants. He took them in his teeth as he ran toward the back of the house until he was out of sight.

        “I swear that boy gets more and more defiant every day.”

        Her mate looks in her direction, nuzzling his head against the woman’s leg. “He is a born alpha. It is in his nature to test others. Speaking of which after I settle down there is something I need to discuss with you Nina. Come to the study after I’m done with my shower.”

        Without another word, the wolf makes his way past the woman who was still standing there as he makes into the house. Nina looks at Juliet and smiles softly before following him. Juliet sighs. It was finally over, her father was home and formalities were done. As soon as she started to make her way into the house, both hands grab her waist as she is lifted on a pair of broad shoulders. Looking down, Michal had grinned twirling her around before entering. The woman at the front had to jump out of the way in hopes that Juliet’s foot would not end up in her face as she closes the door behind them.

        The house was rather large, but when fitting over thirty wolves into it; it better be. Michal had raced up the stairs taking Juliet into her room before throwing her awkwardly on her own bed. He breathes in deeply as if trying to remember the sweet smell of lavender Juliet’s mother had the entire  house smelling before looking at the small child.

        “So brother, how was it. This was your first time out in the woods with dad right?” She smiles softly as Michal joins her on her pink comforter.

        “It was great…and tiring. Dad is such a pile driver. We went all the way around our territory. He taught me how to hunt and how to see signs of other wolves. There is a lake that’s hidden in our lands that is really nice. I’ll take you there some time.” He lifts his arms above his head as he stretches his body out before turning over and propping his head in his hands.

        “Really!? You’ll take me?”

        Michal’s teeth show brightly as his grin widens. “Sure, if it’s alright with dad.”

        “Dante, she is too young she is only twelve and Michal just learned how to change! It’s far too soon for this.” Nina yells in a small room.

        “Nina. We were the same age. I am teaching Michal everything my father had taught me at this age. It is time to address this. You know this was going to happen so arguing about it will change nothing.” Her mate sat in his brown leather chair across from her as he sifts through paperwork on his desk.

        Nina sat down leaning back into her chair. She couldn’t believe this was going to happen all over again. “I still think it is much too early to tell them. It could have a huge effect on them. You do know this right? Why can’t we wait for another two years after Michal becomes eighteen?”

        “Because waiting too long will cause problems that I am not going to afford to let happen. Michal will be at the age of finding his mate. Juliet will be sixteen and by that time other members of this pack will start to see her as a woman and not a child anymore. I can’t allow this to happen.”  Dante jumps from his chair as Nina sinks slowly into hers. Seeing his mate cower softly brings his emotions in check as he sits back down. “I will address this to them tomorrow. I expect you to be there and show support to your mate’s actions.”

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