New kid and Jelousy

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     Next Day

        It was second period and i was already boared, so i get up and start to head out the door while the teacher told me something. "Mr.Black what do you think you are doing"? Im leaving what does it look like im doing? i say and the whole class starts laughing, the teacher gets red in the face and keeps talking but i leave not really giving a shit.

        I head outside to see that the guys are already outside smoking, what you guys doing? Nothing just got boared. Austin already has a detention because he gopt in a fight with some jock. I turn to see Austin smirking, we just leave anyways not giving a crap about school. Austin then says" hey lets go to the underground streetfighting bar to see if i can fight tonight"? 

        We get there and head straight to the bar, " what can i get you guys" nothing my friend is here to sign up to fight tonight? Well here is the sign up sheet and right down your number for we can get a hold of you if we get another fighter to fight you. Thanks, we head out and i turn to Austin" Your reallyi going to fight i thought you were still hurt from last time " Nah it healed. We get in the car and go to the tattoo parlor because im getting myself a new tatttoo.

             Once my tattoo is done we decide to go back because i had nothing else to do. We get there to see third period had barely started"  hmm i thought i was gone longer" i shrug and head to class with the guys although we have different classes in third period we decided to all go to my class. We get there to here the teacher yell but ignored him and head to the back of the class. We get there and me and the guys start to talk. Then the microphone went off *Victoria into the principles office now* me and the boys look at each other confused.


        I was in third period drawing my next tattoo listening to my music. *Victoria into the principles office now* i called but didn't here intell i see the teacher reaching out to pull my headphones i caught her wrist mid way and i give her my deadliest glare, i take out my headphone " what do you think you are doing"? the teacher starts to shake and stuttering " umm the uh principle wants you in his office" i leave without saying another word. 

        I walk  into the principles office without knocking and the seceritary yelling at me to wait." sorry sir she wouldn't listen" i roll my eyes then turn my attention to baldy" what do you want now " Excuse me Mrs. Rodriguez, well sense i caught you smoking weed outside behind the bleachers during second period i could easily call the authoritys" I glare at him then start to say in a deadily voice" you wouldn't dare" the principle just sighs.

        He started to speak " i will make you a deal if you show Mr.Elliot around the school i wont call the authoritys on you. I sigh knowing i have to agree or the principle will call the authoritys and then they will find out i have no parents then they will take ben away from me and no way in hell im i letting that happen. I start to curse under my breath but agree to.

        I walk out of the office with the kid following behind me, he was about 6'1 with blond hair green eyes, he was a built but not to built. I look to him to see him staring at  me "what"? Oh nothing its just you are beautiful he had said with a smirk, i roll my eyes of course he has to be one of those cocky bastards. i took his schedual from him and then we head to lunch sense it is already to lunch.

        I get there and tell him to get lunch and sit whever then i will meet him after lunch to finish the tour around the school. I get to the table to see the twins arguing as usual and austin on his phone while xavier was staring at me, i raise my eyebrow at him but he just smirks and turns away. I sit down while austin starts to talk to me "so what did you do this time"?

        Well one of the teachers caught me smoking weed so they told the principle, and then i went to his office " he said either i show the new kid around or they call the authority'" and as you can see what i chose. I set down and then look to see the new kid with the populars i roll my eyes, then the new kid looks at me and then winks i just turn to see xavier getting mad.

         I raise my eyebrow at xavier and he just shakes his head and left with out saying another word. Everyone looks at each other  because they are confused on to why he left. The bell rang so i left but the whole time i kept thinking on to why xavier left. What is his promblem?

        "He might be jelous"?

        Yeah right

        I thought that but just shook my head, yeah right he would be jelous, i just went to the rest of my classes ready to get out of this hell hole. I was in my last period bored out of my mind so i just got up leaving with the teacher yelling me telling me i couldn't just up in leave, i just laugh because that is what my other teacher said to me be for but i didn't give a fuck.

        I head to my car , then i head to bens school to pick him up early. I get ben then we head to the store to get stuff for dinner and then i also bought some ice cream for desert. We put stuff away at home then we leave again to head to the park and hang sense he have not been able to with school, and fighting, authority, and also hiding from my ex.

        We get the park, and right away ben heads to the swings, " Come push me tori please" ben says, i just laugh while shaking and heading towards ben.  2 hours past by and then i drop ben off at a friends house for a sleepover. I totally forgot that he was staying at a friends house so i left and then i look at my phone to see what time it is, it was 3:00 then i remember i have a fight tonight.

        I go home, to watch tv and eat dinner, all in all be lazy intelll it was time for me to leave to fight. Around 10:00 i leave cause my fight is at 11:00 so that gives me an hour to train before the fight. I get to the ring, i head straight to the changing room then i went to the training room to train before my fight. I have about 5 minutes intel my fight so i head to the bar to drop off my stuff by the bar. 

        I get to the octogan and get in, then i hear voices that i never thought i would hear. " YEAH GO DARK ANGEL" "YEAH WOOO WHOOP THAT ASS" i turn to see the twins, and even austin yelling that, i see xavier just smirking, i roll my eyes but laugh a little because the guys were going crazy.

        SKIP FIGHT

        I had won i quickly changed and was heading to the bar to get my winnings also my bag.  I get there and then all of a sudden i was being lifted up i look down to the twins who were the ones who lifted me up, i then got put down,and was instantly pulled into a group hug. I then ask the guys "  how did you guys find out, and why you guys hear"? 

        Austin answered" well xavier told us and then we heared you were fighting so we came to see you fight'" I told the guys by and then left to go to bed for much needed rest.


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