Misunderstood (Luke)

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A/N: Hey my fellow people what is up! It has been so cold out lately.I hate it. But anyway I hope you enjoy a little story about our baby blue.

"(Y/N) Please come to the office immediately." The principle says over the loud.

You get up from your desk and start walking towards the office as you walk out you hear everybody whispering in your class.

When you arrive at the office you see the principle, and standing next to him was the nerd in your class that no one talks to and is always so quiet.

"You wanted to see me Mr.Walker?" you say standing by the door award waiting for an answer.

"Come in, Mrs.(Y/L/N)." He says as you walk into the room.

"Well the reason I called you Down here is not because you are in trouble, it is because your grades are very very very low and we are worried about your future." He takes a sip of his coffee and then began to talk again.

"But basically if you don't get your grades up you can't go to prom in 5 months."

Your mouth drops you couldn't believe he just said that. It was like he just stabbed you in the heart.

"You don't understand I have to go to prom. I have been waiting my whole life for this. I'm the most popular girl in school I have to go to prom and win prom queen!" You say throwing a fit.

"Well Ms.(Y/L/N) this is why I brought Mr. Luke Hemmings here today to help you after school and tutor you."

"What No! I can not be seen with this loser that is like so embarrassing!" You start to rise your voice stomping to his desk putting both hands on it.

"Now Ms.(Y/L/N) he is here to help you."

"I don't care he is a nerd. A complete nerd!!!!!" You say storming out of the room.

He can't take away My prom I run this hell hole you thought going through your locker trying to find your social studies binder.

It was last period so you were rushing to get there because if you got there early you got to leave early.

As you are speed walking through the hall you bump into Luke and your binder falls out of your hands along with all of your papers.

"Ugh god you nerd get out of the way!"

"Here let me help you" Luke says trying to help you but you push his hands away.

"No I got it I'm already late enough just get out of my way." you say getting all of your papers together and getting up.

"Hey if you wanna study later you know where to find me!"

You hear him scream down the hallway, you ignore him and keep running to your class.

You walk into class and sit in your seat right in front of your boyfriend Derek.

"Hey babe where were you?" he whispers into your ear.

You put your binder on your desk and then turn around to him.

"Some nerd bumped into in the hallway and made me drop everything."

"Who is he I will go knock him out for you."

"No babe it's ok you just do you."

*Half an hour later*

The bell rings and you get up from your desk. Since you got there late you had to leave the same time everyone else did who came in late which was everyone in your class.

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