Chapter Seven

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"She has to be awake! She can't die...Oh God!" I make the voice out to be Cole, I can't open my eyes as to how painful it felt to open them.

I was in complete darkness as my eyes wouldn't open and it was killing me. I was awake but they didn't know that..."Why are you so bothered about her being alive anyway? I mean lots of people have died in this gang and you haven't been that concerned about them" I hear a voice which sounds like Felix ask.

"I...I um..." I hear Cole trail off.

"You like this girl don't you...When I say like I mean as more than a gang mate...I've never seen you like this for anyone before and you've never invited a girl into the gang... You're in love with her" I hear Felix say.

Wait? What? I start to cough and the voices stop. I open my eyes and feel surprised that they didn't feel so pained now that I opened them. I looked around and instantly made eye contact with Cole. He looks happy and worried at the same time. I feel a pain in my head but nothing a paracetamol can't fix right. "Hey, Danielle...Are you feeling okay?" A voice asks.

I turn my head and feel a slight pain but it wasn't completely painful. "You got pretty beat out there but your heads fine but you have been knocked out for three days so should go easy for a couple of days, It might hurt but you did get hit in the head" The same voice explains.

A guy walks in front of me and I know him to be Warren. "Okay thanks...So should I go back to Cole's house or stay here?" I ask.

"Come back to my house" Cole says.

I make eye contact with him again and he smiles lightly at me before turning to look at  Warren. "Can I take her home then now because this hang out really looks a mess with all the blood everywhere" Cole says looking around at the blood stained walls and floor.

I'm assuming Warren nods because Cole picks me up bridal style and then carries me out of the place and then walks towards his car and puts me down in the passenger seat. "I don't feel to bad I can walk" I say before closing the door and putting on my seat belt.

He gets in the drivers seat and then looks at me. "How much of the conversation me and Felix were having before you woke up did you hear?" He asks.

I look up at him and then down at the car. "I heard what Felix said..." I say.

"Oh..." Is all he says before starting the car.


The car journey was quiet but I guess he must've felt a bit embarrassed that I had heard what Felix had said about him being in love with me. We reached the house and I followed Cole in before sitting down on the sofa and bringing my legs up to my chest. "Are you feeling okay?" He asks. "Do you want anything?".

I shake my head and he sits next to me. "Is it true what Felix said...I mean it doesn't matter if you don't want to answer it's just I'm really confused how to react and I don't know if he was kidding arou-" Before I could complete anymore he covers my mouth with his hand.

He takes it off and I send a death glare at him. "What the hell was that for?" I ask playfully slapping him on the arm.

"You were bloody talking a bunch of nonsence and what Felix said is none of your concern for the mean time...But you do need to relax and just not do much" He says before standing up.

I then realise I forgot to message Matt for three days. I get my phone from my pocket and notice it's fully charged. Did someone charge it for me? Oh well. I unlock it and then got to Matt's number. Hey sorry about the late message I know I said I'd message every day...I can't meet up on Friday due to things coming up maybe next monday??? x - Dan

I put my phone back into my pocket and then notice Cole had gone. I then heard a noise coming from the kitchen so I decided to get up and walk to him. "Can I have a paracetemol...I have a headache" I say from the doorway.

"Shouldn't you be resting?" He asks.

"How can you expect me to sit down or lie down all day when I'll just get bored and then annoy you?" I ask innocently.

He sighs and then looks down at the ground. "Just go sit down we'll both have a game of Black Ops or something after" He says before tuning around and making a glass of water.

I sigh and then walk back into the living room and sit on the sofa. I press the home button on my phone and then notice I have a text message from Matt. I open it. What happened? You haven't contacted in like three days I thought you had died or something. It's fine maybe we could meet up pretty soon x - Matt

I smile and then reply It's a long story tbh so it doesn't matter... We need to meet up sometime very soon I miss you so so much x - Dan.


I raised my hands in the air out of joy. "Another win for me! Oh yeah!" I scream before Cole replys the game. I laugh and then put my hands on the remote again.

"How....How are you so good at this?" Cole sighs.

"Well it's the power of playing Black ops for almost every day of my life due to Jack" I say before shooting him on the game again.

"And you're dead again!" I laugh.

He sends me a death glare and then I look back at the screen. "About what Felix said earlier...It..He doesn't know what he's on about" Cole stutters.


A/N: Hey guys sorry about the two day late chapter I just was really busy buy my friend @Left4Lemons kinda begged me to write it so heare you all go I hope you like it and please comment what you think xxx - Chloe

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