Worst Eye Troubles

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Hey guys HailTheCat here, I'm sorry last chapter was so short so I'm doing a BUNCH of chapters today. Thank you so much for reading my lovelys!
Pant. Pant. Pant. Pant. Hail breathed hard as she sat up in her bed, knocking black and grey sheets to the ground with her feet. Her eyes searched the room quickly. Was it all just a dream? It had to be. There was no other explanation for last night. She swung her legs off the bed to begin getting dressed, but his words still echoed in her head "and now your cold." She ran her fingers over her collarbone, remembering the night. His mouth, the roughness of the scars you felt, the eyes that were never blinking and pierced into your skull. And the knife. It was all just a dream..

Hail stepped into the shower, letting the warmth wash over her small figure, and pale skin. She breathed in the steam, and took it all in as she washed her hair. The tinkling of the water filling her ears. "So warm." She whispered and at that exact moment the water turned from burning hot to ice cold. She jumped and screamed, quickly getting out. She wrapped a towel around her body and could practically hear the neighbors thoughts. "What was that? Are they okay? Should we call the police?" She sighed "Jeff." She whispered to herself, slowly padding back to her room and getting dressed. But then she noticed something. She had a nightstand beside her bed where she put numerous things, like flashlights tissues her stabilizer eye drops and her remote and phone..but something else was there to.
A knife.
The knifes handle was of black leather and blood stained and the metal was the same. Hail stared her eyes wide with disbelief. "But it was all just a dream.." She thought back. "And if it wasn't, didn't he put it in his pocket?" She slowly padded over to the nightstand shakily picking up the weapon. "Jeff." She whispered once more, pulling her towel even closer to her body. "Yes, have you found my weapon..Hail.." He had paused before saying her name in a low deep tone. Hail froze, the knife in her hands, she was about to drop it when hands wrapped around hers and helped her hold the knife. "Don't drop it. If your going to touch the prized infamous weapon, of mine." Hail felt his tall lean figure press against her back. "Get dressed." He growled "Now." Then somehow, he was gone, leaving her to wonder what the hell just happened.

She held his knife in her hands and squeezed it. 'Is this something he set up? Me finding his knife?' Meanwhile Jeff was outside her apartment sitting on the fence that looked out to the parking lot. 'That wasn't an excuse to touch her.' He told himself, but he knew it was wrong 'of course it was.' He thought. His eyes watched people wander through the parking lot, entering their apartments, and of course he kept his hoodie on and his head low, as not to be seen. "Jeff." He heard a calm voice, not as deep as his, but a males. He turned to the voice. "Toby." He growled looking at the masked figure. "Jeff, you love her." Jeff stood staring him down. "No I don't! I just met her! I'm just having..fun.." He suddenly wished he had his knife. "You never react to anyone so nicely." Jeff just stared at him "and you let her stay alone with your knife." Toby snickered "You love her." With that Toby was gone leaving Jeff cursing at the air.

Inside, Hail was getting dressed wondering why did he tell her to get dressed, and what for. She dug through the clothing in her closet, and finally settled on a tight black All Time Low shirt, and some skinny jeans and converse. She brushed her hair, her thoughts bouncing all over the place when she heard cursing. Loud cursing outside her apartment. She knew that voice, even when yelling it was raspy and deep. She ran outside, stumbling on her door and stared at him as he panted staring back at her. "I wasn't yelling at thin air." Worst thing to say when your talking to a girl you almost killed and are now mysteriously flirting with. "There was a man here." Hail laughed, almost buckling over. Jeff just stood there embarrassed. "Hey!" He yelled grabbing her with one arm and tickling her with the other. "Shut the hell up!" As this was going down a little old lady walked by "aren't you two such a cute couple!" Jeff pulled his hoodie over his face, his back to the woman and Hail clinging to his chest. They both said in unison "were not a couple." But the lady just smiled and kept walking "then you both have worse eye troubles then me!" With that she was gone leaving them to stare up at eachother, and Jeff tightening his grip around her waist.

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