I walked out of my bedroom to find luke  fast asleep on the couch. I walk over and touch his arm, "Hey Luke?" I whispered shaking him also. He groans and turns over and snuggles into the couch. I smile just seeing how cute he is. Then I started thinking about Ashton, His eyes they were so beautiful the way he said I love you to me when he hug or kiss. The way he was so caring to me. I just adored him. But now things are different lot different. I'm not in love with the boy I saw today I am in love with the boy that I had memories with, that boy I love is the boy I met 4 years ago. 

        I decided to sit on Luke's legs see if that would wake him up, he grumbled something and tried to move me off his legs. "What the hell is on me" He opened his eyes, "Oh its you okay."  I smiled and l layed my head on the back of the couch wondering what would happen if I stayed here and give Luke a shot. I mean what do I have to lose? I've been hurt so many timed it doesnt hurt anymore. Ashton probably ruined my love life honestly. Luke spoke up "Hey what are you thinking about?" I shrugged not wanting to tell him anything "Nothing just random shit." I smiled getting off of him but suddenly being pulled back down "Kate, come on im not that stupid I can tell when something is wrong with you don't be afraid to tell me." He sighed. I was slightly uncomfortable in his lap so I got up and moved beside him 

        "Luke I was thinking about Ashton" His shoulders slumped down and he had a frown on his face "Why are you sad about that?" I said to luke looking at the side of his face. He shrugged " I don't know, I just don't want you dreading over a guy who fucked you bestfriend behind your back." He sighed not know what else to say."Well Luke I loved him. He treated me so well I am so scared of getting with anyone else because of him cause i dont know if everyone else is like him." I said quietly. I leaned over and rest my head on his shoulder he wrapped his arm around my waist and brought me closer. "I like you Kate. I like you cause you are beautiful. You love writing and you are so out going and strong and beautiful and so independent. I just don't see how he let you go so easily." He whispered he leaned in and kissed my forehead and hugs me. We sit here for a few minutes in this spot and i get out of his embrace and asked him a serious question " Luke if I asked you to go to my Grams in London would you go?" I said shyly.

        He smiled"Of course I can when are you leaving?" I smiled back "Tomorrow. at 8ish i think?" I said unsure. He smiled a big smile and he spoke up again "Well how about you start packing and ill go to my place and ill be back in a little bit okay?" I smiled and nodded and we walk are separate ways excited for tomorrow its going to be great.         

Knowing welling that this may be a mistake it may not Im so scared on where me and Luke may go on our friendship. What if I fall for him What if I dont I guess we are going to have to find out

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