The next early morning I woke up and quickly packed my clothes only one dress and my warrior clothes as the dress was neither mine. I quickly took a bath and wore some new warrior clothes, a black trouser with red top and long sleeves it had a belt around my waist. I quickly tied my hairs. And grabbed my swird as I sneaked out of my room through the halls hiding from any guards I finally made through the guards and was now standing infront of the elven gates. I knew I was an elf so maybe they won't say anything I just walked out normally, the shiffted unsure glance but gladly didn't stopped me. I took deep breath as I started running towards the dark forest until I heard some one, "Amalia!?" a women voice shouted from behind I knew it was Tauriel by her voice, I wanted to run but she was faster than me she could have caught me eventually.

"What are you doing here so early?" she asked,

"Just...practising" those words just slipped out of my tongue.

"Really?" she asked looking at my bag, I followed jer gaze to my bag and mentally facepalmed myself.

"You are leaving?" she said her eyes wide,

"No , I mean yes , please don't tell anyone"

"I must tell the king" sje said in a hurry,

"no please, no" I tried to stop her, as I was I heard another voice and wanted myself to some jow disappear,

"Amalia!? Tauriel!?" Legolas walked towards us with total confusion on his face,

"She's trying to escape" Tauriel said immediately, I looked at Legolas who had no emotions on his face,

"What do you mean?" he asked Tauriel, I knew he was avoiding to look at me,

"Ask her." Tauriel said while shrugging abit,

He paused before looking at me, "Why were you leaving?"

"Non of your concern" I said as I was slightly annoyed by these questions,

He raised an eyebrow, "But I guess it is"

I glared at him, "It isn't"

he took a step towards me , as quick as my confident came, it blew away as soon as he got closer, I looked to the other side avoiding gis gaze,

"You were leaving for Erebor , weren't you?" he asked as I quickly lifted my face looking at him in shock,

" did you know?"

"I didn't but I'm confirmed now, come back with me or else this news will go to the king" he said again with an emotionless expressions. I can't believe he was threatening me. I just gave a short nod , thinking to be careful next time.

I stormed back  without giving a second glance at him. I ran through the halls towards my chamber and shut the door as soon as I got in , threw my bag on the side and threw myself on the bed as I was a lot angry, tears started rolling from my eyes as I couldn't stop them.

My tears dried afterwards as I sat straight and walked to the mirror cleaning my wet face. I would never ever meet Legolas again I can't believe he was threatening me, I know the elven king would have put restrictions on me if legolas tells him and I hated thinking about that. After an hour or some I was bored just sitting on my bed, thinking about a way to escape, then and idea popped in my mind. I can use the window. I thought and planned it for tomorrow, but I needed to test first wether it would lead in the forest or not.

I took an elvish rope and fixed it with my window, then I slowly started climbing down with my sword and my warrior clothes. When my feet finally reached the ground, I sighed and untied the rope.

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