Aslans Problem

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Aslans Pov


I can't believe that Inkheart went out alone again she is the princess for goodness sake, she could have been killed by enemy spy, like our mother... she was just like Inkheart. Looked the same, acted the same, but when I was five, the baby had been born and before our mother named her, she decided to go flying and just as she had been flying back towards us after a few hours she was shot out of the sky by something we couldn't see. just as she fell we heard the baby start to cry, we dashed towards her to see a mark start to burn it way onto the inside of her wrist. A blue cats head with one blue eye and on red eye, my mothers mark of power, she had meant to transfer her powers to me when I was old enough but had instead transfered them to her, my father had run out to find my mother while I was shouting at the baby in rage because she had received the powers instead of me. Once I had finnished I realised what the transfered powers meant... my mother had died. Our mothers name had been Inkheart. My father named my sister after our mother because they were exactly the same in looks, blue fur, wings and many other things.

Anyway I have my own problems, the tech ridden part of earth has declared war on the city of trees, this has happened befor and it wasn't pretty. I'll have to find a way to deal with it. But first I would have to deal with my sister who was currently smashung objects in her room, ok it's time to face the music ...

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