Chapter Eight

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*three weeks later*

I looked at myself in the mirror, standing in my bra and panties. Vinny asked me for a nude but, I'm not sure if I'm ready for that yet. If I don't do it, I'm scared he won't talk to me anymore. I took a deep breath and looked at my body. Why would he wanna see me in my bra and panties? what's so great about that? I just don't understand it. My boobs were okay, my stomach is flat, my butt had an okay lift. I sighed and opened my camera and posed. I snapped the picture real quick and sent it to him. I got dressed in a shirt and shorts an went downstairs. Danni and Eli were in the kitchen in their bathing suits making milkshakes. She was laughing as he sprayed whipped cream on his face and then kissed her. I smiled and wished an hoped for a relationship like theirs. I grabbed a pack of cookies and sat in the living room and watched the vampire diaries.

*Eli's POV*

I walked into the living room and seen Gabbie popping cookies into her mouth as she sat back on the couch with her hair in a slop on top of her head. I threw an ice cube at her from my cup of water and she yelped.

"What the fuck!?"

She yelled throwing a cookie at me.


Mom yelled as she walked by us with a laundry basket in her hand.

"Hello Danni, how are you feeling ?"

My mom asked her sweetly.

"I'm okay. I'm nervous. Not all of our friends know and were gonna tell them all when they get here"

"Aw. I'm sure they'll be very supportive of you two, I don't see why they wouldn't be."

I heard the smile in my moms voice. She was that type of person, that in no matter what situation, she always made you feel comfortable.

"Wait, everyone's coming over and nobody told me!?"

"Answer your fucking texts an you would've known"

"Elijah! Swear jar, now! I'm tired of your mouth."

My mom yelled. I sighed and put ten dollars in the 'swear jar' on top of the fridge. It was a little keepsake jar my mom got when I was a baby, it was some sort of bear or something, 'pooh' she called it. My mom was weird when it came to our baby stuff, she claims she can't let go of the memories. I guess I'll learn about how that all feels in a matter of time. My dad came downstairs in his swim trunks and flip-flops. I shook my head.

"Dad, flip-flops, really?"

I asked laughing at him.

"What the fucks wrong with them?"

"Luke , really? I try hard enough to get him to watch his friggin mouth and now I gotta worry about you too?!"

"I'm a grown ass man, ill say whatever the fuck I want. "

"Please, watch you mouth baby. "

He sighed and kissed her head.


She smiled and tickled his side. He ran upstairs and he smacked her ass. I made a face and turned the other way. I love my parents and I love that they're still crazy about each other after all these years, but it's disgusting when I see shit like that. I guess that's how they feel when they see me doing it. But they're old and I'm not so. Gabbie came down in the littlest piece of what she calls a bathing suit.


"What do you mean no?"

"I said no. "

"Mom! Eli thinks he's my father!"

Mom came down with a towel wrapped around her and I looked at her.

"What's the matter?"

"Her dental floss she's wearing"

My mom looked her up and down and shook her head.

"He's right Gab, its too revealing. "

She screeched loudly and stomped her way back upstairs and slammed her door shut. I snickered and my mom pointed her finger at me.

"Watch it"

I laughed and she went back upstairs. Noah came down in a t-shirt and his trunks. I patted his back and he winced.

"What's your problem?"

"Nothing, just sore"

"What'd you pull a muscle playing video games? take the shirt off"

"No, leave me be"

He walked away and I scoffed. Danni came behind me and held onto my bicep and kissed my back. I looked back and smiled down at her and she retuned the favor.

"Have I told you how beautiful you are today?"

"No I don't believe ya have"

She smiled. I leaned down and kissed her nose. She laughed and went back into the kitchen.

"Did your mom make more brownies?"

"Yea, should be in there somewhere"

"Found them. "


The doorbell rang and uncle Beau, aunt Serrah, and Teagan walked in. Aunt Serrah had a bowl of food in her hand and she set it down on the counter and kissed me hello. I gave Teagan and Uncle Beau a handshake and they sat at the table. My mom came down in shorts and a tank-top and had her hair up in a tall pony tail. She hugged them hello and opened the container Aunt Serrah brought and smiled.

"Bacon potato salad. My frigging favorite"

My mom said smiling. Aunt Serrah laughed and Uncle beau went out front. He came back in with a case of Seagrams and handed my mom one.

"They were on ice the whole way here and at home"

My mom smiled and he opened it for her. She brought the glass bottle to her lips and chugged. She smiled and licked her lips.

"Mom I didn't know you drank"

They laughed loudly.

"Before I got pregnant with you I was quite the drinker. I had to stop though because everytime I was trashed I couldn't keep my clothes on. "

Danni laughed loudly as my face went green.

The front door opened and closed and we waited to see who was coming in. Lexie an James were next. Aubriee followed not far behind.

"Gabbie, I'm here!"


Gabbie came down in another bathing suit and I can't say I approved of it but it was better than the last one. Aubriee whispered something in her ear and Gabbie held her towel closer to her side an whispered something back.

"Hey Noah"

Aubriee said sweetly. He blushed.


He smirked.

Maia and Mason walked in next along with Uncle Jai and Aunt Ari.

"Who's gettin drunk as fuck tonight?!"

Uncle Jai yelled as he put ten dollars in the swear jar. Dad came down and laughed.

"Eli, help me with the burgers and shit"

Dad asked , punching my arm slightly.

"Yea, no problem"

Everyone traveled outback and the first ones in the pool were Gabbie and


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