On My Way

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I ran to my car. I was driving off to Ricky's and called the police.
I got there and Ricky was sitting there crying on his kitchen floor. I watched him and then after a minute he looked up. It looked like he's been crying for hours and I wanted to also even thought I had no clue. I hate when somebody I love is hurt. And now thinking about it..."Ri-cky" my voice cracked. "I'm sorry" he started to cry harder. I sat down next to him. "Where's John" "He's gone" "what do you mean he's gone?"

Then the police knocked on the door. I just wanted to know where John was and he got up and opened the door. "Come in" and he sat on the couch. There's something really wrong. I knew something was terribly wrong with John and started crying. Ricky walked up to me hugged me and helped me up and we walked to the couch. He started "Thank you for coming" "No problem. It's our job." said the lady. She was smiling really sweetly at Ricky. To sweetly for my liking. Of course who wouldn't love him he's perfect. She was just mesmerizing him. I snapped her out by asking Ricky "Can you please start explaining" with a tiring voice. "I finished working and went to pick up John as always - from the nursery. I looked at him. He seemed overly happy. I mean he's always happy but it seemed like he was too happy. I just forgot about it. Then I brought him home and I saw he had candy. I just laughed at him. Then I needed to go to the bathroom but then..." Ricky answered stopping.

Sorry it's short its I needed to update since its been a while. I'm going to try Tomane the next chapter or two longer but that's that. Comment what you think happens👇👇👇👌

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