chapter 20

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Sharissa POV

"Hey Chry I need a favor.... I'm going to tattoo city and I need some company. Will you come with me? " "He'll yea. I need a new tat. Come by the house."

Let me go tell Karson I'm headed out and I'm good to go.

"Baby I'll be back I'm gonna go see Chryanna and run some errands. You need anything while I'm out? " "ok bay have fun and be careful. All I need is for you to come home safely bit I have something for you so I'll walk you out.... here you'll need these."

"Babe these keys are for a Mercedes Benz. I drive a Chevy camero."
"Not anymore. Now you drive a Mercedes Benz truck. Now give me a kiss and go enjoy yourself."

Chryanna POV

"Babe I'm about to out with Rissa for a few hours do you need anything while I'm out? "

"Yeah for you to be safe. Go by Lock and Load and pick up my order and go get some stuff for you and the kids. We goin on a trip on Friday."
"Ok I love you."

"Hey Rissa. I see Karson finally gave you your truck."

"You knew? "

"I helped pick it out."

"Thanks for the heads up. Lol. So where we goin first?"

"To get these stitches out. Then tat city."

4 hours later

"Just make sure JD knows that side piece was your idea. I don't need him emptying that new clip in me."

"I will just make sure Karson enjoys every inch of your roadmap."

"Hey babies. Here Karter these are yours, Braylee these are yours, And babe, these are ours. Lets put everything up and get ready for dinner... we need to talk bay."

"What's up babe? And why do you have a tattoo care bag? "
"I got a small tattoo and I think I found the perfect wedding date. I'm thinking July 15, the anniversary of the day you took my virginity."
"That's fine but I want to see this tattoo.... let's take a quick shower...."
"The rebels are upstairs and you know I'm vocal.... not happening. No funny business, but come on. Lock the bathroom door behind you."

"Baby let me see... that's not a small tattoo.... but it is sexy as hell..... come here....."

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