a girl?

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-dark links pov-

I halfway wake up because I feel wait on my chest. I yawn and slowly open my eyes to see a.....girl?.... last time I checked gannon dont have any female workers, so he must me a prisoner or something. But if I escaped from a dungeon I wouldnt go lay on someone who works for the bad guy.....but hey thats just me.... I push her off the bed and she lands on the floor face first and I notice something.....she's naked..... "OH MY GODDESS GET SOME CLOTHES ON WOMEN!!" I yell watching her sit up and sretch, after she stretches she looks at me with shining (e/c) that reminds me....of.....(y/n)....speaking of (y/n) were is she? oh well Ill look for her later right know I need to get this women clothed! I walk to my dresser and pull out one of my older tunics which is light gray with some white tights....I walk over to her and drop them on the floor in front of her and say in a stern and demanding tone "get dressed". She looks at me with a "What. he. heck.?!?" look on her face....I sigh and tell her to stand up and she does so I grab the tights and help her put them on and grab the tunic and put it over her head. When I start lacing up the strings in the back of the tunic....it must have been my lucky day because GANNON walked in my room.....he looked at me with rage in his eye and what he said next made me know I was going to get beat today.....


dark* first of all you dont pay me and second of all I didnt do nothin!!!

gannon*ive had a bad day already I dont need you getting on my nerves today either!!

dark*what did I do!?!

gannon*meet me In the dungeon in five minutes!

after gannon said that i sighed and grabbed my least favorite tunic and tights....and yes I wear tights but they are MAN TIGHTS....well I went to the bathroom and changed but when I came out the girl was curled up and asleep on my bed. Its amazing of how much she reminds me of (y/n).....oh well better get to the dungeon...

dark link walked down 13 flights off stairs until he got to a big metal door. as he opens the door he looks around at empty cells full of dead bodys and skelatons. he looks up and sees a wall full of chains and gannon standing near the wall with an annoyed and mad look on his face. Dark Walks up to gannon looking him in the eyes as he leans his back against the wall holding up his arms. gannon chains darks arms above his head and rips his tunic off only leaving the belt and the skirt part. gannon pulls out a whip and smacks it against darks stomach making him howl in pain and creating a red mark across his stomach. gannon laughs as he keeps whiping darks chest and stomach hearing dark scream and cry in pain. after abput and hour gannon stopped with darks chest and stomach and flipped him around whipping his back and his legs hitting harder and harder everytime earning louder and louder screams and cries in pain. Until after about teo more hours gannon picked up darks passed out and damaged body and drags him up stairs and throws him in his room shutting and locking the door.

-narrator- (before dark woke up)

(y/n) the little fox pup was laying on darks chest as her whole body starts to glow and slowly morf into a teenage girl with a black fox tail and and fox ears to match she has (h/c) hair and glowing (e/c) eyes. Still not waking from her slumber on darks chest......a couple hours later she gets thrown into the floor by a startled dark link landing on her stomach. after stretching and watching dark throw some cloth things that humans wear infront of her. She looked at dark with a .....what the heck? face and he got the point and started helping her....while he was making the clothes fit better some guy walked in and started fighting with dark. when they were done fighting dark grabbed some old looking clothes and went into another room.....(y/n) didnt know how long he would take so she jumped back on the bed and fell asleep....
-(y/n)'s pov-

you heard the door of the room open and slam back closed and it woke you up....you looked in the floor to see darks beat up ,bruised ,and scarred body.....you stood up and walked wobbly over to him still not really used to using only two legs. You grabbed his arm and dragged him over and onto the bed and cover him up. You not knowing what to do just lay beside him and wait for him to wake up.....

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