Chapter 11

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Mira's POV

We finally managed to get back to Rina's house and immediately went up to her room and plopped onto her bed. We took a long awaited nap. I woke up to someone flicking my nose.

"Jdkfod" I groaned out and rolled over.

"What was that?" I could here the amusement in Rina's voice. I'm glad she found my tiredness amusing.

"I said 'no one messes with my sleep and gets away with it!'" I got up quickly and shoved her hard off the bed. Then, I continued to attack her by jumping on top of her and covering her face with my pillow.

"Ok ok I won't do it ever again." I heard her voice muffle. I got up and laced back on the bed. I saw Rina get up as I pulled the covers up around me.

"You didn't need to be so violent." She muttered.

"Yeah well you didn't need to wake me from my wonderful slumber. Did you forget we only slept about 2-3 hours in a slide last night?"

"Mom made us lunch." I immediately sat up and started to put my slippers on.

"Hey those are my slippers!" She yelled.

"Ya and that's my tank top you're wearing. Plus they might as well be my slippers."

"True" she grumbled.

"Let's go get food." I said as I pushed her out the bedroom door.

"Oh after lunch we need to plan revenge since we were to tired this morning."

"Ugg i forgot about that. Did your mom make her special grilled cheeses?" I asked, excited.

"All grilled cheeses are the same why is hers so special?"

"It just is" we walked into the kitchen and saw Rina's mom putting my delicious grilled cheese on a plate.

"Hello momma 2" I said and sat down. I took a huge bite out of my food.

"Hello Mira."

"What no hello for me?" Rina whined.

"You don't deserve a hello." I said and glared at her.

"Are you still mad at me?" She pouted.

"What was it this time?" Rina's mom asked.

"Woke me up." I grumble.

"Again? Rina you should know better by know." She scolded.

"I know but it's fun to." Rina defended herself.


After lunch, Rina and I went back upstairs to, our revenge. We sat there for a couple minutes before I got bored. Rina had her back to me so I decided to throw little pieces of eraser at Her until she noticed. Rip. Flick. Rip. Flick. They kept laming in her hair and I was trying so hard not to laugh. She eventually caught on when I was almost out of eraser.

"Hey what was that for?" She demanded. I just shrugged my shoulders.

"I was bored." I said.

"Well you didn't have to take it out on me!" I stuck my tongue out at her and she whacked with a nearby flip flop.

"Really?? That hurt." I whined and rubbed my shoulder. I grabbed a shirt and hit her with it. This caused us to go into another random war between to two of us. We were throwing random things at each other that we got of the ground and let me tell you, some of those things hurt.

"Rina you really need to clean your room." I said, in between throws.

"Ya I know but that takes to much work."

"Touché." Rina then grabbed her body pillow and smushed me with it. I ran out of the room and downstairs. She was right behind me and hit me every chance she got.

"Oh no not this again." I heard Rinas mom mutter. Not thinking, I ran out the front door. I ran into someone and looked up. Of course, it had to be Jacob, Jay, and some other of their stupid friends.

"What are you doing here" Rina spat out.

"Well you see, your mom invited me and my friends to use your pool today." Jacob smirked.

"Good for you, now if you excuse use we have to go somewhere." I said and pushed him away.

"Didn't know if you noticed but you're still in your pajamas." Jay said.

"Who cares we are just going to Mira's house." Rina told them. I hit her arm.

"Now they know where to find us. You idiot." I angrily said.

"OPPS sorry." She replied. We started to walk away when Jacob said our names. We turned back around to look at him and he winked.

"Glad to see you found your way back home. Now we are even." Then he turned around and walked around back to the pool.

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