Julie's POV

Chapter 2

She was just finished posting the last of the pictures when she got an email from Mark. "Any hope yet?"

She sighed. "I just put it up. We have to give it time to spool through the blog listings. Besides, the timer on the petition might get us some notice. Deadlines usually get things listed faster."

"I hope so. I think Obie Wan, you're our only hope."

"That isn't as encouraging as you think."

"The Death Star did explode after all. Maybe a little rebellion is what is needed. The evil empire of the city being taken down by Julie the Jedi."

I added a smilie emicon and closed the email tab. If anything was going to happen, I was hoping it was soon. I switched to my paper that was due the next day. If I could finish it, I wouldn't have to wake up early in the morning. Besides, something to get my mind off of the mansion was hopeful right now. I banged out several pages and managed to get a snack before itching to check to see if there was anyone signing the petition.

When I checked, it was at almost 200. Not bad for a first launch. It seemed to be getting sent around by several of my friends, and hit the university circles. Maybe there was hope after all. I started to close down my computer getting ready for bed. Then, I heard another beep. Someone had messaged me through my blog. I really should have gone to bed, but I was curious. I hit the tab and went into the message.

"Newleaf126 has sent you a message." I clicked and the message appeared.

"I think I know a way to help your cause. I might know a sponsor to help save the mansion. Please message me ASAP."

I sat back down, the light of the computer the only thing in the room giving the space a strange hue. I turned my desk lamp back on, and sent another message back to the sender. "Anything that can save the mansion would be of interest. What can you do to help?"

The bing was so soon, they must have been waiting on-line for my answer.

"I might be able to see if the sponsor can buy the mansion. I represent an interested party that preserves historical landmarks. This might be a perfect new project for them. Here is our website for more information. My name is Peter Mason. Look me up and email me there with more information on the people to contact about purchase. I think we can help."

I went to the website immediately. It seemed to be a real estate firm that specialized in preservation of monuments and turning them into B&Bs and conference centers. It was like a dream. Maybe there was hope. I messaged Mark.

"I think we have a chance to make a strike at the Death Star. I've got an investor messaging me."

"OMG! That is fantastic. One score for the rebels. Give me the full details."

I explained to Mark the email, and he gave me the contact emails for the people at the city in charge of the demolition of the mansion.

"I wonder if they'd take an offer now."

"You never know. Email that guy. He's the miracle we've been waiting for."

I emailed the info to the email for Peter Mason listed on the website. When I hit send, I messaged Mark on Facebook. "All sent. Cross your fingers."

"You bet I am. Let me know as soon as he gets back to you."

I shut down my computer and got ready for bed. I was feeling I'd given it my best shot. If this thing turned out with Peter Mason, the mansion would be safe. I'd be a hero. Feeling smug, I switched off my computer and went to bed. But I had trouble sleeping. It was too exciting that help had arrived so fast. It was hard to know when Peter would get back to me. Finally, in my worry, I drifted to sleep and dreamed I was walking around the mansion. I was at the party I'd seen earlier. Everyone was dressed in their finest as if they were in the Great Gatsby movie. I admired all the women's dresses and hair. It looked like that some reception was going on. A buffet table was laid out with food, and standing beside it was a gorgeous guy, hair styled from the 20s, looking a lot like Leonardo DiCaprio. He smiled at me and raised his glass. Then I woke up. It was morning.

 I went over, woke up my computer, and checked my computer. There was a message from Peter Mason Real Estate, Inc. It read:

 "Thank you for the information. Setting up a meeting with the city representatives this afternoon. I've asked if you could join us since you alerted me to the situation of the Dreker Mansion. The meeting is at 3pm today. Look forward to meeting the angel of the mansion. Sincerely, Peter Mason."

 Well, it's more like a Jedi knight really. I smiled when I saw another message from the city, telling me of the news that the mansion might be saved, and if I could join them at the meeting having started the ball rolling and all. I smiled. I was feeling like it was the start of something bigger. I just didn't know how much.

Peter's POV

I closed the laptop after reading her blog one more time. I savored the words that she chose to describe the mansion. This was such an opportunity, it made me want to catch a plane that minute. As it was, I had an early flight. I'd be there in the afternoon. 

I clicked on her profile, taking in her fresh look. Upbeat and strong. That was my first impression of her. Something that seemed to be lacking in my current life. I tried not to think of the last time I got involved with someone restoring a mansion. Barb and I were great in bed, but not much else. The compatiblity line ended with sex only. It was rather sad that it had ended with that. I didn't mean for it to hurt her; you never do. All good things just come to an end. But it did make the project go that much faster. Maybe I'd be able to make this project fly by as well.

I looked over Julie's profile one more time. Yes. She might make the time fly by.

 ***End of Part 2***

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