68th Chapter

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68th Chapter

"W-wait, Andy," i said, stopping him from gathering my things.

We went back to his house from the hospital. And.. it was confirmed. I am pregnant. Six weeks pregnant.

"You're going back to Manila, Dana," he said.

I stopped from my track, "what?"

He continued packing my things, "narinig mo ko, babalik ka sa Pilipinas," he said in a dismissing tone.

I sat on the edge of my bed. Everything was a blur. Was still a blur.

He stopped packing my things and sat in front of me, "hey, Dana," he said, enclosing both of my hands inside his.

I looked at him, "Andy," i said his name, "i don't think i can do this," i said, finally admitting that i am scared. I am scared about what the future holds for me.

He pressed both of my hands and gave me an encouraging smile, "you can do this, Dana. You're far better than this."

A tear escaped form my eyes, "i don't think i can. It's.. difficult," i said. Still, i cannot find the courage to admit that Cyriel and i aren't really.. together.

He let go of my hands and caressed my cheeks, "look at me. I know you better than anyone, Dana. Kaya mo yan. You'll be a great.. mom," he said. All i see in Andy's eyes are pain.. and defeat.

When he said those words to me, it feels like he's giving up on me. I suddenly felt it all over again, what i felt when i learned that he left for the States. I feel it again. Those.. emotions in his eyes.

"Pero, Andy.."

He smiled at me, "you'll go home and tell Cyriel about this. Best friend ko yun, Dana. He'll take responsibility. Don't doubt him."

I smiled at him. I don't know, i'll just hold onto Andy's words.. I won't doubt him.

"Can you go with me?" i said.

He looked at me.. not saying anything.

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