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Chapter 13

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I woke up before August did so I could go see what's up with Trey and cover up this mark he left on my wrist before August sees it,

"Where you going!?" August asked pulling me back

"To go and check on Maliyah" I lied

"You better not be going to see Trey" he demanded

"Excuse me? But, you ain't my damn daddy" I said snatching away from him

"You gone go see him after he tried to rape you last night? Look at your arm." he said grabbing my wrist and putting it in my face

"August he wasn't trying to rape me."

"You sure about that?" He asked being sarcastic

"Yes, because I know Trey. He's not like that "

"He was drunk, He could've been capable"

I just got up and went to the bathroom and put on my jogging suit and it didn't even bother doing my hair, I grabbed my shoes and left calling Maliyah to tell August I was over there.


*Rings Gate Doorbell*

He didn't answer, I sighed and put in the PIN number and drove around, I got out my car and looked under the mat and grabbed the key, I unlocked the door and went inside




I walked in the living room and he wasn't there, I went upstairs and seen him crying on the floor, I sighed and grabbed the bottle of liquor out his hands and sat between his legs

"Trey, what's wrong with you? You usually can control your liquor? What's your problem?"

"I fucked up" he cried

"Trey, fucked up about what?"

"I fucked up" he cried again snatching the bottle out my hand and drinking it again

"TREY please!!! I'm pleading with you. STOP!" I cried

"Why? I fuck up everything I touch, Even last night I ain't did shit but dig my own grave cause I know August gone fuck me up, I'm sorry about last night. I just wanted to talk to you but you wouldn't listen."

"Trey, look at me...Im not mad at you, I know you was drunk and I wanted you to sleep it off but you wouldn't, You just need to stop all this." I said brushing his cheek, "Please?" I begged looking In his eyes

"I can't, Maya" he said taking my hands away



"Trey, I know you're not still flipping about over what happened between us? That was 6 years ago. Let it go, you need to go out and find you someone who could do better for you"

"That someone was you but I took you for granted" he said

"Trey, I love you. okay? I'll always love you. No man can change that. Regardless of what happens, I'm gone go to my grave loving you." I said kissing his forehead

"W-What happened to your arm?"

"You had a tight grip last night. Don't worry about it" I said

"How am I not supposed to worry about it? Everything I do to you? I hurt you. I hurt Maliyah, Yeah she still talking to me but she still hates me deep down just like I know you hate me."

"Tremaine, stop please." I said throwing the liquor bottle across the room


"Tremaine, I don't hate you. Maliyah doesn't hate you, We love you."

"Maya, why do you do this?"

"Do what? "

"No matter how bad I treat you, You always came back to me. You always loved me, why?"


She sighed, "Unconditional Love."

"I need you, Maya. "

"Tremaine, You're to late." she said

"Than I'm nothing" I said getting up

"Tremaine, Go shower. And lay down, you need to knock off that high and than we can talk" she said

"Nah, you can leave." I said


"Nah, Go. Cause I know August don't want you here, So leave" I said

"I'm not leaving" she said walking over to me

"I ain't trying to hurt you, So leave Maya. I'm warning you for real."

"Trey... You're not going to hurt me. Because, you love me. So don't" she said

I grabbed her and pulled her to me and I kissed her, She kissed me back and I laid her on the bed and started to kiss on her neck but she pulled me off

"Trey, I can't do this."

"You gotta leave, Maya." I told her

"I just can't live without you no more, Maya." I said sitting up on the bed putting my head in my hands

"Trey, Don't talk like that." she said kissing my cheek and rubbing my back laying her head on my shoulder

"You don't know how hard it is. I watched you get shot, Maya. Only thing I did was try and get the gun, I shoulda jumped in front of that bullet, I should've died." I said

"Trey, Please stop talking like that. it wasn't your fault"

"You're not about to sit here and tell me it wasn't my fault, Because when you left, I had sex with her that same day, I made her leave and I had the audacity to lie to your face, I put you in danger, I'm the one who made you come out with the gun because I'm the one who put so much pressure on you, On top of that, I'm the one who was arguing with you and gave her the chance to take the gun and get you shot. I sat there and watched you bleed out, I called the police that was about it, August was the one who did the most. Maybe he do deserve you."

She cried and I cried


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