♡ Fight Night ♡

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"Father we come to you today asking for your blessings upon Alicia. Lord give her the  strength to fight. Give her the knowledge to recognize that there is a way out. Father shes come asking for forgiveness, she has sinned against you and she is willing to accept that. We ask all these things and many more. In Jesus name we pray, Amen."

I looked over to see Alicia crying with her head in her hands.

"Come on Alicia. We need to get going. I know this is hard but I need to lock up, okay?"

"Yeah." She said, wiping her eyes  with the sleeve of her Pink sweatshirt.

I wheeled myself to Pastors office, not expecting to see Chantel and Jace there.

"... What are y'all doing here?" I asked suspiciously. Jace was sitting in pastors chair and Chantel was sitting on his lap with his hands clasped around her waist. I felt a slight pang of jealousy until Alicia showed up behind me.

"We gotta work a couple things out. This might take a while though." Chantel replied, smirking at Alicia. "Why is that b*tch here?

I did not respond.

"You don't want this fix hoe. I will f*ck yo thottin ass up! Try me." Alicia snapped.

I smirked back. "Anyways, Pastor told me to lock up, so getcho asses on."

Jace huffed and started to get up.

Chantel placed her hand on his lap.

"We'll be fine, I'll lock up." She replied.

"Ummm... Pastor told me to." I whined, starting to sound childish. "Actually forget it."

Alicia caught on to what I was doing and traced her manicured fingernails along my lips. "Hakim let's go, I want you tonight." She smiled and kissed my lips a couple of times, causing Chantel to frown.

She wheeled me out to the car.

"How'd I do?" She asked, starting the car.

"You were acting?" I asked jokingly.

"Yeah, haha." She giggled.

I pulled out my phone, checking the time.


"Do you want Chinese food for dinner?" Alicia asked.

"Yeah I could go for some lo mein!" I nodded.


I straddled Hakim while putting noodles in his mouth, just being goofy.

"More!" He whined and I grabbed another noodle and put it in his mouth.

I laughed, throwing out my plastic plate.

"Hakim try to move your legs bae." I said, telling him what the doctor told me to do.

"Uhhhhh!" He groaned, his legs moving a slight bit, but more than yesterday.

"Yay!" I said, pecking at his lips.

"One more. One more." He said, letting his hands find a way to my butt and giving it a squeeze.

"Hakim!" I squealed. "What have I done? I've created a monster!" I laughed, kissing him again.

I kissed him once more, pressing my lips hard against his and felt his hands move up my back to  unclasp my bra when I pushed his hands back down.

"Hakim." I moaned softly.

"What?" He mumbled.

"Not today Hakim." I said pulling away. "I have to get ready for work."

"Alicia don't go." He whined, pulling me closer to him.

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