Prom night

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this is a poem i wrote about my first prom ever 

Prom night by cheyenne.

I waited and waited for you to come meet me but i was stood up by you... the one that broke my beautiful heart.

Now I'm up all night long wondering what i ever did to deserve to be stood up.

Why , why did this happen to me?

Why not some one else ? Better yet, no one.

First prom ever... and i was stood up but the question is why, did he do what he did?

I'm pretty ,smart ,and fun.

 I was the one he wanted, or so he said, and he was my prince charming, the one i thought i was waiting for, but now i know that he's not.

Endless tears roll down my face and now my Makeup is all screwed up.

I haven't slept in days, I'm up every night.

I asked my self: is he dead? 

What if he got ran oveer?

Is he hurt?

But i don't know the answer. so now I'm writing this ,soon to be published one day, oh how i miss you!.

You meant the world to me but If you cheated then never come back!

If you were faithful then I'm forever waiting with open arms always waiting 4 u


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