Chapter 29: Peeta

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It's been a week of whatever they call this and I think I'm doing better. I can now stand to see Katniss on screen and I can just barely bear hearing her voice. The one thing that's been getting worse is when I hear her sing, especially the valley song, it kills me.

She may have tried to get me killed but I can hear in her voice when she sings that's she's also in pain. I want to comfort her but at the same time I want to hurt her. It's like a love-hate kind of relationship, since we're apparently married. They told me this, trying to get me to accept her, but it made me go crazy for a while.

"Peeta we have someone here to see you" my head doctor, who I learned her name is May, says as she helps me to sit up. I thank her and someone who I didn't expect walks in. Haymitch, Abernathy to be precise. He smiles at me, obviously sober and I wave to him.

"How are you Peeta?" he asks in a weird tone, I think it's just his sober voice but it's almost scary for him not to be drunk. I nod and look away from him.

"Well you've changed" I say a little more bitterly than I wanted. He nods "They won't let you drink in here?" I ask him trying to be a little nicer. He nods and smiles, soberly.

"We wanted to know if you would make a cake for Finnick and Annie's wedding?" he asks almost, carefully? I nod and he get two men to wheel in a stand with a cake, already made and some decoration equipment.

"What type of cake were they thinking" I ask visualizing the options and colors. He nods and I walk around the large now plain white cake.

"We were thinking, since they're from 4" he starts also examining the cake "Some sea foam green waves and you can go from there" he suggests unsure. I nod and start to work. Haymitch leaves and I call in May again.

"Do you think I could get to visit 4" I as carefully "to get inspiration? I know it's not your role but could you ask?" she shakes her head and I frown sadly. I walk back to the cake and try to use the very little memories I have of the victory tour.

"Okay start with the base color" I say to myself as I mix some white, blue, green and yellow. It turns to the perfect blue-er sea foam color. I paint it onto the top and bottom tier and start to mix a light blue and white wave for the middle tier. I finally paint them all and start to work on the waves on each tier. I start to frost the waves on top and walk over to get some fondant to sculpt little sea creatures. I sculpt a turtle and some fancy, shiny, colorful fish. As they dry I start to work on the intricate writing.

"Okay you should take a break" May says happily and she admires the very unfinished cake. I nod and set the tools on the rolling table. Two men roll it away and May and her assistant, Kile (or something) lead me to the training room. 

I walk over to the weights and flashbacks of my first games swim in my mind.

"Throw it" Katniss said "They think you're weak. Throw it" I shutter slightly and throw  myself onto the small workout bench in the corner. I lay there and can't get her face out of my head. I sigh and roll off of the small bench. I walk to the weights center and start to work out.

"Well I'm bored" I say to myself as I sit up. I walk back to Kile and he leads me back to my room.

"You should sleep" he says closing the door behind me. I nod, that might help. I lay in the small bed and my feet just barely go over the edge of the bed. I fall asleep uncomfortably and dream of nothingness. For once, I don't have nightmares. This whole cake decorating must be helping.

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